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Random Youtube: Richard Marx – A career rewind

The other day in the office, we discovered with horror that a couple of our younger co-workers were unfamiliar with "No Reply At All" by Genesis. This is hardly a new thing - a few years ago, I went to see Howard Jones with a friend and her boyfriend and at the conclusion, we walked out of the show and he admitted that he hadn't recognized a single one of Howard's hit records.  It's sad but true, we might be getting old.

But that doesn't mean that we can't educate the youngsters about the old-timers that are still here and making good music. Enter: Mr. Richard Marx.

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  • Anastasia Karel

    I had forgotten about some of those songs! This was a great look back, and it’s nice to know he’s still out there, right here waiting for you (couldn’t resist!).

  • Aaron Hall, Minneapolis, MN Lawyer

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