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Random Youtube: Red House Painters – All Mixed Up

I can't believe that I'd never heard this version of "All Mixed Up" before today.  Of course, as a cover song junkie, there are so many cover songs and so little time to hear them all (thank goodness for outlets like Cover Me and Coverville to help sort and feed the addiction!).  This is a great example of a cover song that really draws something out that might have been missing from the seemingly excellent original.  As much as I love the Cars original take on this, the lyrics never really grabbed me in the way that they do with this version.  For extra credit listening, there are interesting spins on "Silly Love Songs" and "Long Distance Runaround" as well.  All of these things can be sourced on the Red House Painters album Songs For A Blue Guitar.  Thanks to Rdio, I think I'll be listening to quite a bit of Red House Painters music as the week continues!


  • ferris

    Isn’t this from a 90s commercial for Target or a laundry detergent?

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  • Matt

    Thanks, I think :-)