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Things To Look Forward To: Ron Sexsmith – Long Player, Late Bloomer

My knowledge of the music of Ron Sexsmith is mainly limited to the short set that I saw him play a few years ago at the Beachland as part of Blue Rodeo's tour with "Friends." He's always been on my ever-growing list of artists to become familiar with and after hearing his new album Long Player, Late Bloomer (due for release on March 1st), I think I'm going to have to dig deeper in the stacks to hear more. As freezing rain pelts down on the windows outside here in Cleveland, the new album from Sexsmith makes it feel a whole lot like summer (which is weird, because the material I was previously and vaguely familiar with from Sexsmith didn't strike me as particularly upbeat) even though I know we're really far away from that. (And what's not to like about an artist with an album in his catalog of work called Exit Strategy Of The Soul?)