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Suburban Metal Dad no 24: A Message From Your Manager

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And now a message from your manager...

Suburban Metal Dad: original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday. Check out today's strip after the jump...


Random Youtube: Stevie Wonder – Hotter than July

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Thanks to my good pal Mike Heyliger for turning me on to this one. You can read his personal ravings about this at Popblerd.  The short version of it all is "watch this, it rules!"

From the Youtube description:

This rare documentary was broadcasted for the first time in 1981 by the BBC.
It's is about the 1980/1981 USA tour by Stevie Wonder looking at? his musical insight and his preparation for a concert, and his appearance at a Washington Rally to celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King. (thanks to GenesisKnights for the update info)

I'm always on the hunt for cool documentaries on Youtube...anybody have any other suggestions?


Suburban Metal Dad no. 23: Suave Bob’s Men’s Room Tragedy

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In an office, one worker says "Hey Bob." Bob, wearing a scarf and feeling fancy, replies, "Ciao!"

Suburban Metal Dad: original webcomic by D.X. Ferris, served fresh every Monday and Friday. Check out today's strip after the jump...


LEMMY….This weekend!

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Hey folks,

Don't forget the exclusive Cleveland premiere for the Lemmy movie, happening on Sunday night at the Beachland Ballroom!

The film starts at 8pm and we're thrilled to have co-director Wes Orshoski joining us for the screening.  Wes will intro the film and also will take part in a short question/answer session after the film.

In case you haven't heard, we're doing a Lemmy lookalike contest that night as well!  Show up dressed as Lemmy (guys and girls are both welcome) and receive a free gift card from The Exchange (while supplies last). My good friend Chris Akin will be on site to MC the evening's activities and one grand prize winner will win a copy of the Lemmy movie on DVD. We'll also have plenty of prizes for the runner-up contestants and the evening promises to be a great one, wrapping up with music from Cleveland Motorhead tribute Motorhead USA!

Thanks to Bill Peters, Matthew Wilkening, Brian McConville and everybody else involved that have been a huge part of pulling all of this together.  Our sincere thanks to Cindy and everybody at the Beachland Ballroom for giving us a place to do this and also securing a projector for the screening.

Download the flyer for complete portable details (or just read on.....)


Bob Seger….TOUR!

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Man, that took less time than waiting for a new album!  Thanks to Jefito for the tip - initial details have been released and Mr. Seger will indeed hit the road starting in March, according to Rolling Stone:

One day after dropping a strong hint on his website, Bob Seger has officially announced plans for a North American tour that kicks off in March. According to a press release, dates will be announced shortly. The statement added, "Fans can expect to see and hear Seger’s timeless classics like 'Night Moves' and 'Old Time Rock & Roll' alongside a preview of new songs from his forthcoming as yet untitled new release."



Bob Seger on tour?

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I heard rumors to that effect towards the end of last year ("rumors" from a well placed source close to the band) and if you look at the video recently posted on Bob Seger's homepage, it's not too hard to connect the dots. The video includes a montage of classic Seger images and a graphic of a map with certain regions highlighted, all surrounded by a soundtrack of Seger classics. What does it all mean?  You can probably figure it out, but if you're having trouble grasping the message, the video says to "stay tuned to"

We certainly will.


Random Youtube: Orchestral Morris Day Goodness

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Let's keep on cranking up the level of awesomeness from Youtube.  This time, we're spending a moment exploring the music of Morris Day & The Time from an orchestral point of view...


Random Youtube: Neil Finn – Distant Sun

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As long as we're down in the Youtube rabbit hole, let's pull out another video from the BBC Songwriters' Circle series, this time featuring another ATV favorite, Neil Finn.

'Nuff said.


Random Youtube: Justin Currie – If I Ever Loved You

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No disrespect to the artists involved (in this case, Chris Difford of Squeeze and Boo Hewerdine), but if you're sitting next to Justin Currie (formerly of Del Amitri), surely you would expect that there might be a bit of "how am I going to follow this" circulating as he performs this one. Difford's commentary at the end of the performance shows that he's just as much of a music fan as the rest of us, which is pretty cool.

Currie has been performing some new tunes recently in his solo performances and hopefully that means that there might be another album brewing.  (Despite his claims to the contrary, I think he's usually probably writing songs more than he isn't writing songs. Which is not to say that he's not watching football right now, I just think he's probably watching football and writing a song.)


Still Bill

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If you haven't seen this, you'll definitely want to check it out.  After screening to appreciative audiences over the past year or so, Still Bill finally is headed to DVD and will be released tomorrow with 5.1 surround sound, extras and all of that good stuff.  I really should have known more about Bill Withers than I did before watching this and after checking it out, Withers rose to a whole new level in my book.  Further listening on Rdio led me to pick up Live at Carnegie Hall which if I might suggest it, I think you'll find it to be an excellent audio companion to Still Bill.  I'm definitely glad to see this one heading out for mass consumption by documentary junkies and music fans.  After watching Still Bill, I only wished that I would have had the chance to see him live and maybe one day soon if we're lucky, we might still have that chance.

You can snag the doc for a nice price from Amazon or buy the deluxe edition with a t-shirt and other materials via the official film site.

Thanks to my pal Matthew Wilkening for originally putting this film on my radar!