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Dada in Philly on New Year’s Eve

I'll admit that I was a tad jealous of Kevin's good fortune - he put up a post about a missing Bruce Cockburn Christmas broadcast that he'd enjoy having a copy of and just a short time after that, we had an email in the ATV mailbox offering up a download of the broadcast.

So I'll try my luck on a similar tip - might there be any readers of ye olde ATV with plans to go see the great alternative rock group dada on New Year's Eve in Philly? Fans in attendance at the NYE gig will receive a complimentary download of the show, a set that promises to be epic (for any of you that are huge dada fans like me). The band is taking requests and there will be a mini-Beatles set within the show. While I'd love to go to the show, a dada road trip unfortunately isn't in the cards this time around.

If you're going, this is me groveling for a copy of the show download, because I really want to hear it. Get in touch!

The dada boys will open up a brief run of December dates with two sold out shows in Chicago starting tomorrow night. Next up: New album in 2011...and believe it or not, the band will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2012. Wow.

Read all about it in this interview via the total scene.

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    By these, I mean the Bruce Cockburn Christmas shows …

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    Damn, I am so glad you still have these up. I wanted to dl them in 2010 but i was going through some stuff and didn’t get around to it. 

    Gonna do it now. Still going through some stuff, but this is going to help.

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