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That new Damnwells album is going to be great…

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'nuff said!


Good Listening: Under The Covers with Big Head Todd & The Monsters

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Somewhere on my list of New Year's resolutions, there's a simple one: Must get replacement copy of Rocksteady, the newest album from Big Head Todd & The Monsters that came out earlier this year. True to its title, Rocksteady definitely maintains a steady rockin' pace throughout the entire album, but the promo copy I received has skip skip skipping on several of the tracks. Which is fine, because I'm always happy to throw dollars at the Big Head Todd boys.

Checking in, I discovered that they've got quite a bit going on at the moment, including a $10 download featuring a full album performance of their Midnight Radio LP, commemorating the 20th anniversary of its release.

At present, the band is out on a set of tour dates labeled as "Big Head Blues Club - Blues at the Crossroads."  The current tour dates are a preview for an interesting project due for release in February of next year,  an album celebrating the 100th birthday of Robert Johnson.  Recorded at Ardent Studios with a slew of special guests, it looks to be a killer.

As the above proves, there's never a shortage of things to listen to for Big Head Todd fans.  I came across the following covers compilation via Hear Rock City and it's a nice collection of recordings sourced from the band's shows on Although I'm a cover song kinda guy, I do like it when a band actually does  something interesting with a familiar song instead of putting forth a straight forward version by the numbers.  And truthfully, I've never really met a cover of "Suspicious Minds" or "Friend of the Devil" that I didn't like.

Long May You Run
Friend of the Devil
Tumbling Dice
Black Betty
Ring of Fire
Voodoo Chile
Train Kept A Rollin'
James Brown Medley
Suspicious Minds
Custard Pie
Jesus Just Left Chicago
Red House
Polk Salad Annie
Boom Boom

photo above - BHTM in Boulder, CO, from the official website


Suburban Metal Dad: In Bed

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Suburban Metal Dad: In Line. Forever. Still.

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"This is the last time we come to this fargin' zoo!"

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Suburban Metal Dad: TSA Screeners In Action

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"It's just a laptop!"

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Dada in Philly on New Year’s Eve

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I'll admit that I was a tad jealous of Kevin's good fortune - he put up a post about a missing Bruce Cockburn Christmas broadcast that he'd enjoy having a copy of and just a short time after that, we had an email in the ATV mailbox offering up a download of the broadcast.

So I'll try my luck on a similar tip - might there be any readers of ye olde ATV with plans to go see the great alternative rock group dada on New Year's Eve in Philly? Fans in attendance at the NYE gig will receive a complimentary download of the show, a set that promises to be epic (for any of you that are huge dada fans like me). The band is taking requests and there will be a mini-Beatles set within the show. While I'd love to go to the show, a dada road trip unfortunately isn't in the cards this time around.

If you're going, this is me groveling for a copy of the show download, because I really want to hear it. Get in touch!

The dada boys will open up a brief run of December dates with two sold out shows in Chicago starting tomorrow night. Next up: New album in 2011...and believe it or not, the band will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2012. Wow.

Read all about it in this interview via the total scene.


Good Listening: A Cockburn Christmas Miracle

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If you've been following the series of Bruce Cockburn Christmas-themed broadcasts that Kevin has been posting in the past week, the following story might warm your heart. Or at the very least, you'll appreciate one last piece of holiday musical booty.  In the last installment, Kevin noted that there were a total of 5 Cockburn Christmas broadcasts, of which he only had 4. (I honestly was shocked to find out that he had more than one!)

Thanks to random ATV reader Mark, we now have a copy of the missing broadcast from 1995 featuring special guests Jonatha Brooke, Patty Larkin and Peter Stuart (of the sorely missed Dog's Eye View). Mark figured that even though Christmas is now several days gone, there might still be a few people that would enjoy hearing it. We're guessing that he's right about that. And at the very least, you'll have some advance listening material to stow away for next year!

Huge thanks to Mark for the share!


Bruce Cockburn 12/17/95
Columbia Radio Hour "Christmas with Cockburn" Guests: Jonatha Brooke, Patty Larkin, Peter Stuart
Sony Music Studio, New York, NY

01 Intros
02 Joy Will Find a Way
03 Chat
04 The Coming Rains
05 The First Noel
06 Tango (Patty Larkin)
07 Chat
08 Small Wonder (Peter Stuart)
09 O Come, O Come Emmanuel (with Jonatha Brooke)
10 Chat
11 Don't Explain (Patty Larkin)
12 Chat
13 Is This All (Jonatha Brooke)
14 Chat
15 War (with Jonatha Brooke)
16 Joy Will Find a Way
17 Outro

Bruce Cockburn portrait by Karen Robinson


Suburban Metal Dad: The Spirit Of Getting

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Two months of bullshit. I hate it all.

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Suburban Metal Dad: Holiday Spirit In Action

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Thumbnail: Christmas Crap at Truckstop

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Good Listening: Christmas with Chicago

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I need better connections in Youngstown (that's in Ohio, for those of you that are either unfamiliar with the Springsteen song of the same name or living in one of the other states not named Ohio).

In the past few weeks, I've missed concerts from both Eddie Money and Bryan Adams in the Youngstown area. Adams is still touring acoustically and after hearing his Bare Bones acoustic live release, I don't feel so bad about missing that one.

The Money Man on the other hand, played a series of Acoustic Christmas shows, which made my eyes bug out when I heard the news and realized that I had missed a tour date within driving distance. You have to understand how much I LOVE the Unplug It In acoustic EP that he put out in the early '90s. It's one of my great concert regrets that I missed his acoustic tour during the same era, which I believe played at Nautica Stage.

The good news for both you and me is that Money is selling copies of two of the Acoustic Christmas shows and that thought makes me salivate, thinking about what the setlist might be. The tour is becoming an annual event and reading this interview with Eddie about last year's show, it certainly sounds like a fun evening of music.

Perhaps I'll get a chance to catch it next year.