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Gonna be an ass kicking at The Beachland

I'm thinking that this week might finally be the week that I get around to checking out Terry Anderson and the Olympic Ass Kickin' Team, booked for a show at The Beachland on Wednesday.

You hopefully know Mr. Terry Anderson from his time spent with The Yayhoos (w/ Anderson, Eric Frikkin Ambel, Dan Frikkin Baird and Keith Frikkin Christopher).  Or perhaps you picked up one of his excellent solo albums, like You Don't Like Me, What Else Can Go Right, etc. etc. etc.  And even if you don't know Terry, chances are you've heard "Battleship Chains" by the Georgia Satellites, a tune that was authored by, you guessed it, Terry Anderson.

One might think that Anderson's sense of humor, translated to song via every lyric he puts to tape would have run out by now, but every time that Anderson brings a new album to market, he delivers a fresh batch of lunacy (and songs about loose women) for the enjoyment of all. God bless ya, Terry.

Anderson and the OAK Team have three releases to their credit, including the latest release, titled appropriately enough, National Champions.  The Beachland dates are nearly legendary for being great times (packed with plenty of inspiration for a bonus hangover included in the cost of each ticket, free of charge).

Wednesday's show will feature Colin Gawel of '90s Columbus rockers Watershed in the opening slot, with additional opening duties being handled by the Paranoid Lovesick offshoot Sky Dragster.  (Cheap plug:  check out my interview with Sky Dragster frontman Bill Stone here.)

Tix are $8 in advance or $1o at the door on the night of the show. What else are you going to do in Cleveland on a Wednesday night?

Here's one of my TA favorites....

  • Loop44134

    This ought to be a great show. Terry is a lot of fun in concert and has a catalog to back it up.

    Have a good time gettin’ your ass kicked!