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Speaking of Jay Nash…

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He has a newish live album, Live at Sun Studios, captured during a stint of touring with Mississippi-bred songstress Garrison Starr (and the live release features tracks/performances from both Nash and Starr).  According to his blog, we can also look forward to a new studio album in 2011, plus a full length album from TFDI, his project with Tony Lucca and Matt Duke.  As always, the man remains prolific.

Oh yeah - dig this:  He'll be in Cleveland on November 14th with Lucca and Duke at Wilbert's, plus quite a few other cities.  Find a complete list of tour dates here.


Shows To Know: Greg Laswell with Kim Taylor, Harper Blynn and The Rescues

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As a veteran of a number of Greg Laswell performances, it's rare to see a Laswell show where I don't walk away with two or three new musical favorites, thanks to his well-picked support acts (see Jay Nash, Anya Marina, Cary Brothers, just to name a few).  More than simply "opening acts," it often seems like Laswell's tours are more of a musical revue type presentation, a truly unified collaborative spirit and mutual love of music that unfolds live on stage for all to see.  And it's been a magnificent experience each and every time I get the pleasure of seeing it.

Laswell adds several more jewels to his crown of great musical support acts with his current tour featuring The Rescues, Harper Blynn and Kim Taylor.

I'm particularly excited to see Taylor - Little Miracle, her current release (and third album overall) that came out in mid-September is one of those great singer/songwriter albums that immediately locks itself into your player (or perhaps your preferred digital listening device of choice) with a sound that's instantly familiar.  Her vocals have been compared to Hope Sandoval and Cat Power (personally, her voice reminds me a bit of Kathleen Edwards, so it's probably no surprise that I really like Kim's stuff), and her musical roots lie just a short trip down the road in Cincinnati, although my buddy Brian will be sad to hear that as far as I can tell, there are no songs about Skyline Chili on this album.

Recorded in a week, Little Miracle is adequately produced but thankfully takes a minimalist approach that fits the music well, leaving the songs themselves plenty of room to breathe. Adding to the appeal of Taylor's music is the honesty that courses through every second of Little Miracle, something that is all too rare in too much of the music released these days, or at the very least, you sometimes have to dig a little bit deeper to find it.  At 33 minutes, it's a listening experience that although it is a short one, it feels just right.

But don't take my word for it - check out Kim Taylor's stuff for yourself using the widget below and get on out to a show.  Taylor, Laswell, etc. will be in Cleveland on Thursday night for a 9pm show at the House of Blues in the Cambridge Room (the Cleveland show actually is Taylor's first date on the tour) and there are plenty of other opportunities for you to catch a show further down the road as well - click here for a current list of tour dates.


Pop Quiz Q&A: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

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Say the name Ian Anderson and you’re likely to get a huge eyeroll from some rock fans. Indeed, this is the guy with the metal codpiece playing flute while standing on one leg who fronts the band Jethro Tull.

Yeah, the same band that bested Metallica for a “Best Metal Performance” Grammy.

And yeah, that that’s the band responsible for the ubiquitous classic rock tracks “Aqualung,” “Bungle in the Jungle” and “Locomotive Breath.”

To most casual listeners, Anderson is Tull. But ask any proggies or long-in-the-tooth classic rockers and they’ll set you straight.

Or perhaps you could just take in the wild-eyed minstrel when returns to Cleveland to perform at Playhouse Square Center this Thursday, October 28.

For this “An Evening With Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson” show, the 63-year-old performs sans Tull, but delivers acoustic and electric versions of Tull songs along with Ian Anderson solo music.

He gave Addicted to Vinyl a buzz to chat about the show, the future of Tull, digital music and commerce.


Weekend Plans: Let’s celebrate Halloween with The Smithereens!

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Hopefully it isn't too early to start thinking about the weekend on a Monday, but if it is indeed too early, I guess that's too bad!

Scotch Plains, NJ, will be the destination for this weekend with tickets in hand for THIS show.  Color me stoked.

I'm looking forward to my first Smithereens show in a while and perhaps the chance to pick up Confessions of a Rock Star (what are the chances that a certain slacker might finally get his hands on a copy?) and just in case the setlist gods happen to be watching, I'd be perfectly happy if "Now and Then" found its way into the setlist.

But really, I'll be happy just to be at the show - this one's been on the rock and roll bucket list for a while now...

Tickets are $50 and there are still some tickets available, so perhaps you should make plans to join me on Saturday night in Jersey?  C'mon....

Going to the show?  Here's an important update from Pat:









Celebrating Darkness in Cleveland: An Evening of Bruce at The Winchester

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The Winchester Music Hall and Addicted to Vinyl are pleased to present a tribute evening to a longtime Cleveland favorite, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Bruce Springsteen, happening on Saturday, November 20th at The Winchester (doors are at 7pm).  Tickets are $10.00.

With the forthcoming release of The Promise, Bruce Springsteen's incredibly massive box set dedicated to his classic Darkness on the Edge of Town album, we will have a listening and viewing party to finally experience what many of us have been waiting for over 2 years.

Come meet Lawrence Kirsch, publisher of the Bruce Springsteen books The Light in Darkness and For You, Original Stories and Photographs by Bruce Springsteen's Legendary Fans. Lawrence will be signing copies of his book The Light in Darkness. This is a limited edition book only available on line or at The Winchester the night of the show.  (You can read our interview with Lawrence about The Light in Darkness here.)

Springsteen goes surfing - Rocco Coviello©


But you used to love The Dead, remember?

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What's not to love about a video with references to both The Go-Betweens and The Wedding Present?  Any serious music geek will find plenty of quotable things to love about this video...

Supreme thanks to Annie Zed for pointing me towards this video!


It’s About Time

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This isn't quite Jackson Browne and David Lindley, but perhaps it is our version of that (speaking as someone who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s) - two old friends sitting around telling stories and singing songs together.  And according to this New York article, you can expect more of this in the future from main Lemonhead Evan Dando and occasional Lemonhead Juliana Hatfield, who apparently plan to play more duo shows together like this one.  I'm down with that.

Check out two complete shows here, courtesy of Youtube user "spiketop."


Good Listening: More Free Live “Noise” from Bruce Hornsby

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Thinking in the context of the Grateful Dead's Dick's Picks series (curated by their late great archivist Dick Latvala), some of the best live releases are compiled by the people that know the artist/band inside and out.  In the case of Bruce Hornsby, recording engineer/producer Wayne "Dagle" Pooley has been an important part of the Bruuuce universe since 1991, helping to capture Hornsby's sound both in the studio and on the road as the front of house (FOH) mixer for Bruce.  Mix describes Pooley as Hornsby's "architect of all things technical," and that's not a stretch at all when you wrap your ears around Dagle's Choice, Volume 1, the new three CD compilation of recordings from assorted dates on Hornsby's 2009 tour (with audible shout outs to Sioux City and St. Louis), as collected by Pooley.

Wayne Pooley in the studio with Bruce and R.S. Hornsby

Issued as the second volume of the recently launched Free Noise series, if this isn't Pooley's crack at creating a nice little "dream setlist" for Hornsby fans, it's certainly a mighty fine coincidence that it plays out as just exactly that.  As a compilation, it certainly whets my appetite for the prospects of future full show downloads (and just like the initial dose from Free Noise, this edition is a complimentary download as well!), and hopefully one of those will be the Pittsburgh-area date that I saw at the Carnegie Library Music Hall last year.  (Please?)

Listening to the collection, I'm struck by the reality of the instant gratification that we enjoy these days as music fans.  The live albums that we used to wait months and years to receive, now can be sprung on the unsuspecting audience instantly, available to download with a few clicks of the mouse for all who are interested.  Unlike the previous Free Noise offering, which was a bit rough around the edges, Pooley's mixes here are pristine and would be worthy of an official release.  (And it's a nice little tuneup for the upcoming official live release Bride of Noisemakers, which will land in stores next year.)

Sample the set here with the opening track "Sneaking Up On Boo Radley" (originally from Spirit Trail) and then head on over to Hornsby's download site to grab the whole collection.


About that pesky problem you’ve been having…

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...we've got just the exterminator to take care of your needs!


Carry on, you wayward student musicians…

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Classic rockers Kansas are in the midst of a tour that somewhat strangely pairs them with college orchestras, dubbed the Kansas Collegiate Symphony tour.  The band's latest live release There's Know Place Like Home was recorded with the Washburn University Orchestra, and the positive feedback for that release brought inspiration to explore the idea of a full tour featuring the band supported by student orchestras. A portion of the proceeds from the outing (produced in conjunction with D'Addario Strings) will help raise money to support college music programs.

So of course, The Musicians' Association of St. Louis is planning to picket outside the scheduled area date at Family Arena this weekend. You know, because why should young musicians gain valuable experience from playing with professional musicians?  You're right, we gotta protest that s#%t!