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12/1/74 at Richfield Coliseum….

.....who was on stage?

That's the stumper of a question posed by the ticket stub below.

ATV reader "Cynthia" shot me an email with a question about the stub - would I be able to help?  I reached out to all-knowing Bear of Cleveland Rock and Roll and we put our heads together with no results.  I also shot a few emails to "people that would know" and they also had no answers.  So I'll put the picture up here and invite you to reach into your ticket stub collection, look at 1974 and let me know.

  • dslifton

    We know the act ends in “-es,” so it also probably begins with “The.” It also had to have been big enough to book an arena show in 1974.

    The name has to be fairly long because the -“es” goes towards the end (so it's not The Eagles).

    And it not The Rolling Stones.

  • Matt

    yeah, “es” is the killer of it all. It's not Yes either.

  • mpolloc

    Perhaps “Rod Stewart & The Faces”?

  • dslifton

    Great guess, but according to Wikipedia, they didn't tour the US in 1974.

    Matt, I've been hanging around Jason and Jeff too much. My first thought after the Stones was Benny Mardones.

  • Matt

    Benny Mardones…for one night only, for one song only! (He coulda been road testing “Into The Night” at that point)

  • Robert Brandt

    Zappa was supposed to play Public Hall that night, but was canceled due to snow (moved to 12/3). Assuming that was a Belkin show, would they also be doing something out in Richfield that day? My guess: The Ice Capades.

  • dslifton

    Ice Capades makes a lot of sense.

  • Robert Brandt

    Dug up an old copy of Next magazine from 11/7/74…nothing listed at the Coliseum for 12/1 (a Sunday, which maybe also could point towards a nice Ice Capades family time sort of show?). George Harrison/Ravi Shankar are listed for 12/2. Did that show ever even happen? Wasn't it canceled due to Ravi's health (or maybe the same snow that claimed FZ at Public Hall?).

  • judd6149

    Call Columbo…Matt, this could be a regular feature.

  • Matt

    Haha. This is the first mystery stub that I've gotten from someone, but
    you're right. Gotta be careful what I wish for though – if Bear's site is
    any indication (, you can put up a
    website and get barraged with data to put on it!

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