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For Springsteen fans, Christmas comes in November

Leave it to Bruce to make sure that the holidays are just a little bit more special this year with today's announcement that you can celebrate the legacy of Darkness on The Edge of Town with six (!!!!) discs overflowing with more Darkness related material (three CDs and three DVDs) than we possibly could have hoped for!

Conversing with fellow Springsteen author and aficionado Lawrence Kirsch earlier tonight, he remarked that with this project, "Bruce is absolutely delivering on this one - he's been listening to his fans."

My pals over at Blogness have done a great job of collecting many of the news links that have been posted so far regarding the pending release of the set, which will hit stores on November 16th.  The box has a retail price of $119.98 and you can pre-order it right now at Amazon for $95.99,  with an additional choice of a Blu-ray edition dropping day and date with the regular CD/DVD version. (And there will also be a version coming out on vinyl!)

Dave Lifton has additional thoughts and a look at the trailer for the box right here.

Me?  I'll just be over here counting the days until November 16th.  You know what I mean, right?

Box set image via Backstreets

  • judd6149

    I'm counting with you, Matt. I've always considered DOTEOT to be my fave rave Bruce album. This set in all it's goodies glory is sure to be worth the cash…and the wait. The docco alone looks excellent.

    It is interesting to see how Bruce, Ol' Neil and Zimmy all are trolling their trove to offer up these old ghosts. Fortunately for us fans, we get the real deal stuff from all three.

  • Matt

    I'm really glad. As a Bruce fan, this is the stuff that we were hoping for
    10 years ago, but it didn't seem possible, because Bruce wasn't interested
    in putting stuff like this out (that's what it seemed like, anyway). Having
    seen a clip from the Houston show on Youtube (no audio, just video), it
    looks like that will be a really nice part of the package, even though it's
    “bootleg.” The quality is better than you would expect and if we get lucky
    enough to get soundboard audio from Bruce's archives (if something like that
    exists) laid underneath the video, I don't think there will be any
    complaints. And either way, we are getting VIDEO of a full show from the
    Darkness tour. That, my friends, RULES! I'm also looking forward to seeing
    the 2009 Darkness performance, the archival footage/performances besides the
    Houston show and of course, I'm looking forward to hearing the unreleased
    audio material.

    Judd – now what was that you were saying about not purchasing stuff like