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Crowd Surfing: Asia in Cleveland, 8/13/10

I caught prog rock super dudes Asia here in Cleveland at the House of Blues on Friday night.  My proper review of the show can be found here, but I also took time to jot down a few sarcastic thoughts regarding the interesting people watching opportunities (as well as random band-related thoughts) that were all around me.

  • As a member of the cult of prog, please note that it is an unspoken requirement that you must wear a t-shirt of your favorite prog band when going to see another prog band play a show. Since this is an Asia show, it is completely acceptable to wear Yes, Rush and Porcupine Tree t-shirts to show the others in attendance that you are legitimately prog. Remember, wearing an Asia shirt if you're going to see Asia violates that other unspoken rule. (Additional concert t-shirt tips can be found here.)
  • There are girls here at this show, but I'm not quite sure how they got here. Many of them are stuck on dates that they will never forget, and not for good sentimental reasons. Some are in attendance as the supportive wife/girlfriend and surprisingly, there are quite a few here that are visibly big Asia fans. Is it a Wetton thing? Or perhaps it's something along the lines of "that Geoff Downes guy is so dreamy." You tell me.
  • The tribe is cheering as Palmer raises a mallet high into the air to signify that there will be gong-age on "Time Again."
  • I know I said this earlier in the review, but Steve Howe shouldn't be able to play guitar like that. Massive amounts of geeking out during his acoustic guitar solo portion of the show. And during "An Extraordinary Life," why play one guitar when you can play two guitars instead? You're welcome, disciples.
  • "The Heat Goes On" brings the expected drum solo from Carl Palmer. I feel sympathy for guys like Carl Palmer, because drumming is a very physical activity and yet you're expected to bring it every night on that solo, just like you did back in 1973. So it's no surprise that at the end of the song, Palmer springs from behind the kit and does a victory lap out to the microphone. You'd better believe that he earned that lap and subsequent riotous standing ovation from the ever-adoring audience. Actually, most of us are already standing, so does that still count as a standing ovation? Sure.
  • During "Days Like These," I observe a shocking moment where Geoff Downes actually has time to step away from the keyboards and he makes good use of the time, playfully mugging with the crowd. Up until this point of the show, all hands have been on deck with Downes manning at least one keyboard at all times.

Here's the evening's setlist:

I Believe
Only Time Will Tell
Holy War
Never Again
Through My Veins
Don't Cry (John and Geoff solo with crowd singalong portion)
Steve Howe solo
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (John and Geoff solo with electric full band reprise at the end)
Open Your Eyes
Time Again
An Extraordinary Life
End of the World
The Heat Goes On (w/ Palmer drum solo)
Sole Survivor


Days Like These
Heat Of The Moment