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Random Tracks: Rooney – Are You Afraid

Quick rundown of the Rooney catalog:  Love the first self-titled album, feel kinda so so about album number two (Calling The World), and generally dig the newest album Eureka.  The release of the latest disc brought me back around to Calling The World, to see if there was anything I had missed (besides "When Did Your Heart Go Missing," which I like).

That second go-around with Calling The World brought "Are You Afraid" to the surface, a tune that really accentuates the '80s pop-ish side of Rooney that I love.  I hadn't seen the video though, which apparently (and wisely) takes full advantage of the current Twilight/vampire mania.

I still need to see these guys live.  I would have loved to have seen their current tour with Hanson (another guilty pleasure of mine, alright?), and I really regret missing their headlining show at the Beachland.  Oh well.

  • Jack

    Have you seen the latest Hanson video? Put down that Dr Pepper and go watch it now. Come on, let me see you shake your tail feather!

  • Tom

    I'm with you on both Rooney and Hanson. I spotted “Are You Afraid?” right away and put it on my '07 mix disc for Xmas gift giving … one of the best tracks on that album! And you should check out Hanson's new disc if you haven't yet … not sure yet if I'd call it as good as their last pair or not, but still good.