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Well alright, Doobie Brothers….

World Gone Crazy sounds like an appropriate album title for the new Doobie Brothers album that will hit the streets on September 28th.  Listening to the first single "Nobody," I think that the world must have gone crazy, because I can't believe how good this tune sounds!

Resurrected from the band's very first self-titled album in 1971, the song has been successfully recast and although it hasn't necessarily been updated for the current times (I think that would require samples and some rapping), it sounds damn good.  As soon as you hear those classic Doobie harmonies, you start to understand why they were able to lure their longtime producer Ted Templeman out of retirement and into the studio for his first Doobies collaboration in 30 years.

The new album features 13 tracks, including "I Know We Won" with special guest Willie Nelson and also "Don't Say Goodbye" featuring occasional Doobie Michael McDonald.  The band recently spent some time discussing the new album prior to their appearance at the HullabaLOU Festival in Louisville, KY.

"Nobody" is a perfect summer song, and it sounded great tonight when I heard it on the radio courtesy of V107.3 while driving home. (Kudos y'all, for an excellent bit of programming there, adding this one to your playlist.)

As nostalgic as the feel of the song itself is, it's the video for "Nobody," featuring lots of vintage Doobies footage, that really brings it all home.  Can't wait to hear the whole album!

  • Derbytimmons

    the doobie's first album is really a must-have. 'travelin' man' is such a good song it's ridiculous. i do like the new, slightly tweaked version of 'nobody.'

  • Matt

    This song really seems like it would have been massive back in the day. Nice to hear it getting some airplay now…

  • jefito

    There is absolutely no reason for this song to be as good as it is.

  • thefrontloader

    I want my own Doobieliner.

    Great video, and I must admit that I did not expect that song to sound THAT good. Forgive me, great doobie in the sky.

  • judd6149

    Agreed. Somehow this song is *that* good. The only thing that makes that long intro worth sticking around for is that Doobian vibe that is bubbling up…come on, we don't hear from them in ages and we get a 1 minute intro on the lead single. They are stuck in the 70's for sure…and it works.

    I am going to go out and buy a car without power windows just so I can roll one down, stick my elbow out and take a long drive on a sunny day with this song.

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