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If you’ll excuse me….

...While I should be blogging or transcribing (especially the second one), I think that I am going to do some good old-fashioned reading instead.

Today's mailbag brought a copy of the new Buck Owens biography by Eileen Sisk, and although it's technically unauthorized (after beginnings that were initiated by Owens, who was looking for someone to help pen his autobiography), Sisk talks with an interesting list of people from Buck's inner circle (including seven Buckaroos).

From the inside sleeve:

This biography paints an unprecedented portrait of not only country's biggest star of the '60s, but perhaps its biggest son of a bitch.

I'm in for that action...

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  • Loop44134

    With Roy Clark pickin' and Buck grinnin' they were a staple of 70s American culture.
    For those of you unfamilair, dig deeper than Hee Haw to find some outstanding musicianship and songwriting from these two guys.