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Crowded House + David Byrne in NYC

When I saw David Byrne at Bonnaroo last summer, it was damn close to a religious experience for me as a music fan.  So you can probably imagine my excitement when I saw that Byrne made a guest appearance with Crowded House during their NYC performance earlier this week.

According to the official Crowded House website, the band will begin selling USB sticks of their U.S. gigs as of this month (which means we should see them on sale any time now, right?), and if this is the case, I'll be putting down some cash for a copy of the New York gig, for sure.

In related news, the band also was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently to perform my favorite cut from Intriguer (no doubt in response to my personal request for them to perform the track on late night television), "Twice If You're Lucky," which is classic Crowded House, manic nirvana.

  • stereo dictator

    Nice to see them playing one of the T Heads coolest tunes. Rock and roll is turning into one big flashback….