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Random Video: Undercover Karaoke with Jewel

It's time for another true confession - back in '95 or so, I had a major thing for Jewel.  It wasn't just that she was "hot," from my point of view - I also happened to really like her music.  And by association, Jewel's music led me to discover the music of Steve Poltz (her boyfriend at the time) and The Rugburns (who sincerely are one of the greatest bands ever - give me a reunion show sometime/anytime in Cleveland, please!).

I'm not sure where Jewel and I got off track, but it was probably sometime around the time that she released her Christmas album (you know, the one with the Xmas version of "Hands"? Ugh!).  She put on a helluva good live show back in the day, and as this video clip below proves, she's still pretty awesome, even if you don't know that it is actually *Jewel* providing the awesomeness.