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Rush “Beyond The Lighted Stage” documentary in stores today!

This past weekend, I was out of town.  While I was away, I had the DVR set to tape the VH1 Classic broadcast of Classic Albums featuring Moving Pictures and 2112 by Rush.  After clearing some weeds out of the flower beds tonight (METAL!) and a bit of dinner, it seemed like a good time to officially chill out for the day, and watch a bit of Rush on the television.

Turn DVR and television on, select Classic Albums program for viewing....and suddenly I'm watching The Top 100 Hard Rock Songs of All-Time (or something like that) instead?

But....but......the SCREEN says Rush: Classic Albums!

What happened?  What the hell, VH1 Classic?

Apparently, the Classic Albums broadcast was scrubbed at the last minute for reasons unknown.


Luckily, today was still a good day for Rush fans, with the DVD/Blu-ray release of Beyond The Lighted Stage - the great new officially sanctioned Rush documentary that screened recently in theaters and made its television debut on VH1 Classic over the weekend.  Having seen it in the theaters, I can tell you that it is one of the best rock docs that I've seen in quite a while.  And the home video release is stacked stacked stacked with extras.

You can nab the DVD or Blu-ray as of right now and you'll be awfully glad that you did!

P.S. - conveniently, tonight also happens to be the opening night of the Rush tour!

How 'bout some random Rush video?  You got it...

  • Michelle

    The movie is just flat-out a good film, regardless of the subject. Very well done, excellent production values… it does the job of a documentary in getting out of the way, making you often forget you’re watching a documentary

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