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Dire Straits – Alchemy – out next week on DVD and Blu-ray!

The advance word regarding the DVD and Blu-ray release of Dire Strait's classic concert film Alchemy isn't completely glowing with praise, but as a previous commenter noted, this release might be worth having for the bonus documentary alone.  As a Knopfler nut, it's a must have for me, although I think I'll probably opt for the DVD ($12.99) instead of the import-priced Blu-ray edition ($34.99) - from the review, it sounds like there's no reason to spend the extra dough on the Blu-ray.

In case you missed my previous post regarding this release (which hits stores next week), here's a look at the trailer for the reissue.

I am disappointed that they didn't expand this release to include "Love Over Gold."  Perhaps it wasn't filmed?