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Happy Birthday to Stevie Wonder

Stevie is 60 years young today - here's a cool clip of Stevie performing "Superstition" on Sesame Street in 1973, plus a related skit.  Apparently Stevie was JUST in the area for a couple of shows at Oberlin College (and a subsequent late night visit to Nighttown) - I can't believe I missed a potential chance to finally see Stevie live.  Arrrgh!

  • judd6149

    Matt, ever since I saw the Stones in Hyde Park video, I have wanted to go to a festival there. Now that I am in London, I have that chance.

    In late June there is a Hard Rock sponsored festival…Stevie is the headliner on Saturday…the night I got tox. CAN”T WAIT. The second bill acts are good, too.

    For any of Matt's readers that are big Stevie fans, you should read this bow-down article on (don't call him Little) Steview Wonder. To me some of this was a revelation. A VERY good read.

  • judd6149

    p.s. the comments alone on the Jeff Beck situation were worth the Stevie read.

  • Melechesh

    Stevie Wonder forever.