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Eye Candy: The Rolling Stones in Exile

Hey Stones fans - how about a documentary regarding the recording of Exile on Main'd be interested, right?

It's your lucky day - Stones in Exile will be out on DVD on June 22nd via Eagle Rock - check out the trailer:

Here are some more details from the press release:

In the spring of 1971 the Rolling Stones reluctantly departed the UK to take up residence in

France. Keith Richards settled at a villa called Nellcôte in Villefranche-sur-Mer and this became

the venue for the recording of much of the band’s masterpiece “Exile On Main Street”. “Stones In

Exile” tells the story in the band’s own words and through extensive archive footage of their time

away from England and the creation of this extraordinary double album, which many regard as the

Rolling Stones’ finest achievement.

Bonus Features

Extensive additional footage including interviews with all the band members, footage from

“Cocksucker Blues” and Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts returning to Olympic Studios and Jagger’s

country house Stargroves where a lot of the early work on the album was done.

And, because you asked nicely - here's the cover art:

Amazon is taking pre-orders for Stones in Exile via this link. And in case you missed it, there is also a deluxe reissue for Exile that will street on May 18th, which means you'll have plenty of Stones/Exile related material to carry you through the next few months.

Sounds good to us!

  • judd6149


    matt, can you guess which version I have pre-ordered?

    More drool…

  • Lawrence Kirsch

    This is what got me started on my RnR journey. The first concert I brought a camera to and my first experience with the bad boyz of Rock and Roll. Can't wait to scrape the shit off my shoes and buy this box set.

  • Matt

    I'm guessing that you ordered the super-deluxe version?

  • judd6149

    …with bacon.