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Road trip for Smithereens/Pat DiNizio fans?

I've heard good things about The Smith Bros, and can you pass up the chance to see Smithereens frontman Pat DiNizio with The Smith Bros as his backing band for $5 on a Thursday night near Columbus?  More importantly, can I pass up that chance?

The Smith Bros are hosting "Rock on the Road" presented by Pop Garden Radio on Thursday, April 29th and headlining the event is Pat Dinizio of The Smithereens. The Smith Bros. will be hosting this show at The Lazy Chameleon. They will also be performing with Pat Dinizio as his backing band and playing their own original music. The Vague from Columbus, Ohio will also be performing that evening!


Of course if you're in Columbus, for five bucks, this one's pretty much a no-brainer.

Here's some bio information for The Smith Bros, and you can stream tunage via their Myspace page.

Smith Bros is a power pop quartet that formed under the bond that Pat Dollenmayer and Mike Clark had over the love of A.M. pop radio. Hearing anything from The Hollies to The Raspberries on A.M. radio fueled a love for power pop and hook laden songs that drove Mike and Pat to form a band to play in that style. Smith Bros is now influenced by many power pop bands that are out today as well as the power pop groups that played in the 70's and 80's. Mike plays bass and sings, Pat plays guitar and sings, and they are rounded out with Kris Phillips on drums. The Smith Bros. are often joined by Eric Fritsch on the guitar. They write original music that is compared to anything that is Brit Rock to Teenage Fanclub and Fountains of Wayne.

  • judd6149

    I went to college in NH. In 1992 the Simthereens came to play a gig at some festival on campus. I got our fraternity to be the security for the show. We met the band and tried to keep the drunks from moshpitting (new word). I'm not sure if there was one person who was…or could…listen to the music.

    It was a madhouse of crazed drunks and stoned freaks…and that was just the security team.

  • Matt

    That would have been a good time period to see them! I should have known
    that you'd have a good story!

  • judd6149

    I aim to please…

  • Stereo Dictator

    Sorry to have missed this one. Work gets in the way…

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