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Show of the Week: Two Shows Are Better Than One!

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I couldn't pick just one show for this week's Show of the Week, so I went out on a rebellious limb and picked two!

Right off the top before we get to those shows, you should know that Stephen Stills at the Kent Stage on Friday night is completely sold out (EDIT: Good news - a second show at 10:30pm that same night is on sale now).  You might also be interested to know about the newly announced Kris Kristofferson show happening at the Kent Stage on June 9th - I'm already working to grow out a sweet Kristofferson beard for the show!

Which brings us to this week's Show(s) of the Week, which actually have nothing to do at all with sweet Kristofferson beards.  Assembly of Dust are headed to town for a show that will surprisingly enough, allegedly be their first Northeast Ohio appearance.  I'll share more details regarding that show in a second.

In the interest of time, you should know first about Chris Duarte's pending Cleveland show, happening tomorrow night (Monday) at The Winchester.  Ever since I heard the slinky sounds of "Cleopatra" (from the most excellently titled Tailspin Headwhack), I've been meaning to get out and watch Duarte do his thing.  Duarte has been sharing out his bluesy guitar driven funk for a number of years, beginning with his debut release, Chris Duarte & The Bad Boys in 1987.


New live album on the way from Jackson Browne & David Lindley

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You'll either wince or smile at the words "new live album" and "Jackson Browne" in the same sentence. For me personally, I'm happy that Jackson is starting to dig around in the vaults with some of his recent releases.

During an interview last week on Nicole Sandler's Radio or Not program, Browne revealed the news that he's currently finishing work on a double live album, recorded during a tour of Spain in 2006 with longtime collaborator David Lindley.  The album will see release in May as a prelude of sorts to a summer tour that will feature Lindley touring with Browne and his band.  (And Cleveland is finally going to be on that list of tour dates, right Jackson?  RIGHT?)

David and Jackson


“Hey, it’s Ken Block!”

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I'm so terribly delayed at keeping up with my TRBX posts. So bad, there's already a new logo and site up for Rock Boat Eleven. For shame. I'll blame my cat.

In keeping the spirit of "Things That Mel are INCREDIBLY bad with," I cannot retain the names of singular band members. I know I love Better Than Ezra, but I have no clue what the lead singer's name is. Unless the name of the group is "Hall & Oates" I only know there are two guys -- one with the name of Hall, the other with Oates -- and even then, I still muck up their first names. Bob Seger made it easy, as have other artists who reached solo career successes.

The Rock Boat does something to you as a music lover -- you meet these artists one-on-one constantly, and they almost become friends. This trip taught me a lot about musical groups and the incredibly-talented individuals behind the full stage.

So, truly lame story: while listening to the promotional CD from TRBX, I told the boyfriend my list of artists/bands to which I was looking forward seeing live -- mostly, The Bridges, Andrew Hoover & Scott Munns (both of whom I didn't get to see -- dammit!) and some dude named Ken Block.

I am apparently the only fan on Earth (and cruise ship) who had no clue that Ken Block was the lead singer of Sister Hazel.

He's listed singularly on the CD because of his solo album - GREAT song, "Blue to a Blind Man," by the way.

As such, each time we passed him on the boat, the joke became "Hey, it's Ken Block!" because nearly every time I talked to people I forgot who this "Ken Block" cat was who I was excited to see live (The Boy had to correct me several times). I caught on once I was a passenger.

You see, you cannot miss Ken Block - he is an Everywhere Man on that boat (in fact, I think his cabin was just a couple down from ours). He's boarding the Carnival cruise ship right beside you (or me, as it were), he is on the PA waking you up from a 8pm nap (wha? sleeping?!), he is in the atrium playing two-man acoustic set with Drew... You feel as though he is commanding the ship.

Then there is Ken Block is AT MY BREAKFAST TABLE on the last full day of the cruise. I'm in between a bad case of Hangover and rolling bouts of sea sickness. Yet, boyfriend told him the story of my listening to his music blindly and unknowingly of his attachment to Sister Hazel.

He was appreciative, nonetheless, while I was embarrassed and wanted to puke on someone's shoes... and then, he called me a "Blockhead" -- as in, someone who is a fan of Ken Block.


Here's Sister Hazel, kicking off TRBX! Day #1.

If you stopped the screen at JUST the right moment, you can see me there in a crowd shot in the beginning... AND the end. Sweet. And yes, it was a cruise where we not only wore birthday hats, but WINTER hats. See: Ken Block.

Ken Block, along with Sister Hazel, make for great party hosts for the duration of the vacation. Especially during the sail away -- what an amazing experience being around 2000+ people who do this thing EVERY year and cannot WAIT to get the party going again.

When in this moment, you feel it just cannot get better (well, perhaps the weather could get better in Mexico, right? RIGHT?!), just wait. Sister Hazel one-upped themselves on Day #2 -- a day themed around cover songs -- performing as "Fleetwood Hazel." Yes, FLEETWOOD Hazel, as in, Sister Hazel played a live set of the ENTIRE Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" album. It was one of the single greatest moments of any live performance -- I imagine pretty damn near seeing the actual Fleetwood Mac perform the album in its entirety.

Here is "Fleetwood Hazel" performing "Chains." (I apologize for all the shitty videos. I didn't pack my own video camera, so I'm left to find YouTube crap - this one, much like our rocky boat adventure, you may want to just listen and not watch all the shaky cam).

Stay tuned for more about Covers Day on TRBX.


Speaking of The Coliseum…

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Without question, The Coliseum at Richfield was one of my favorite concert venues growing up.  When it was announced that it would close, to be replaced by Gund Arena, I was very unhappy (to put it mildly).  To close down a legendary venue that was barely 20 years old, and call it outdated, it was obvious that there were politics involved that had nothing to do with the age of The Coliseum.

Adding additional insult, the building sat vacant for several years before the eventual demolition finally came around.

The video above really is an amazing document of the final moments of The Coliseum.  While it's sad to watch the destruction of a much-loved part of my youth, there are some amazing shots of the inside that bring back good memories.  I saw a number of shows there, including my first Springsteen show in 1992, ZZ Top and the Black Crowes in 1990 (and ZZ Top again in 1994), two Bryan Adams shows in 1992 and 1994 (the 1994 gig featured a guest appearance from Brian Setzer), and so many more.  I had tickets for a Deep Purple show that was canceled, and ticketholders had the option of a refund, or they could use the ticket to see Winger (the originally scheduled opening act) at the Akron Agora.  I took the refund.

What are some of your favorite show memories from the Coliseum?

Here's a great article by Cleveland Frowns that covers the history of The Coliseum at Richfield very nicely.  There also is now a Facebook group where you can read and share additional memories!


Crossroads: Sold Out!

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I officially have my tickets for Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010!

Tickets quickly sold out within minutes after they went on sale Saturday morning at 10am Central.

As I hoped, I was able to get general admission field tickets for the show.  When the ticket purchase page went live, I was ready to go and after waiting a couple of nerve-wracking minutes for the Ticketmaster system to look for tickets, there they were - my golden tickets had been acquired.

As a teenager, I spent a nervous morning in line, waiting to buy tickets for my first Clapton show at Richfield Coliseum.  Anytime that I was stuck near the end of the line (as I was on that morning), I was always aware that there was a very good chance that I might not get tickets, which made the eventual acquisition of tickets a very sweet victory.

For a show like that, I was competing with Northeast Ohio for one of 20,000 tickets at the Coliseum.  All of these years later, the competition was global for one of the 28,000 tickets for Crossroads at Toyota Park, on a bill that features Clapton and over 20 additional artists/acts!

I had a short debate about going to this year's edition of Crossroads, since the lineup is very similar to the 2007 edition.  But then when I thought about how incredible that 2007 show was, there was no question about it - I had to go!

For those of you that didn't wind up with tickets - keep your eyes peeled and you might get lucky.  There were two additional blocks of tickets released in 2007 after the initial onsale.  The final block of tickets (which ultimately is how I scored my tickets that year) was released several days before the show.  So if you can stay flexible schedule-wise, chances are good that you might be able to grab tickets and make it to the show.

Anybody else going?


Waxing Nostalgic & something to enjoy with your morning coffee.

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Remember when MTV not only played MUSIC VIDEOS but there were two crazy VJs named Julie Brown running around set? Wubba Wubba Wubba.

Last night at Edison's Pub in Tremont, "The Homecoming Queen's Gotta Gun" by the redheaded, wackier Julie Brown played at closing time. Of course, I was the only person who actually remembered the silly song (stupid, drunk 20-year-olds) AND the video. And now, as expected, it is stuck in my head for the duration of the weekend. You can thank me later...

And speaking of crazy-ass music personalities, do you remember Dr. Demento? I loved both his weekly television and radio shows. I was the first to hear "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred because Demento played it on his late-night Sunday slot on our local oldies station. Then, it became a massive pop radio hit. I was always a bit more than awkward in junior high school...

Be that as it may, it got me thinking about this popular Demento hit:

Barnes & Barnes were seemingly a favorite of Demento. I loved his Outer Space songs. ("Star Trekkin" is a must listen, and I still know ALL the words). "Fish Heads" was rated by Rolling Stone as one of the best music videos of all time.

In the ev-en-ing, floating in the soup. Yum!

And not only was I exceptionally quirky, apparently I took a lot of drugs. Man, MTV used to be endless hours of fun. Too bad for this generation, having missed all that crazy entertainment of the 80s.


Good Listening: It’s a Bleedin’ Board for Bon

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Greetings music lovers! It’s time for another trip to the Stereo Dictator’s massive musical archives in search of a show of sonic and social significance to the rock and roll community.

Today’s installment is in memory of a true rock and roll legend, Ronald Belford Scott, better known as the Problem Child himself, Bon Scott.


Bon died on February 19, 1980 at the age of 33 just as AC/DC was becoming one of the biggest international rock acts of its time. Highway to Hell had broken the Top 20 on the U.S. album charts and the band’s back catalog was seeing a worldwide resurgence.  1980 was destined to be a breakthrough year, though it would ultimately happen with Brian Johnson as lead singer.


The Church celebrates 30 years with special acoustic show at The Winchester

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Our friends at The Winchester added mucho amounts of sunshine to our day with the announcement that they've booked the church for a special 30th anniversary acoustic gig on Saturday, April 17th!

The Church

the church
"An Intimate Space"
30th Anniversary Acoustic Tour 2010

After three decades together, the church return to North America for a special 30th anniversary acoustic tour throughout April and May 2010.

“An Intimate Space” will include songs that span the length of the church’s epic creative trip from their debut in 1980 to their latest critically acclaimed 2009 album Untitled # 23.

In a unique and unusual execution, the band will choose one song from each of their considerable album releases and perform them in reverse chronological order. This original show will have the fans gliding softly down through the years, opening with a track from their latest album Untitled #23 before embarking on a fantastic voyage through time ultimately arriving at their first Australian album Of Skins And Heart where it all began. This engaging and rare performance is not to be missed.

- FREE CD - Every ticket holder will receive a free copy of Deadman’s Hand, the third EP from the Untitled #23 album. This EP will include the title track and unreleased tracks from the band’s secret vault, a must have for all church fans and collectors.

Untitled #23 has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike all over the world. Here are some highlights....

Rolling Stone Australia gave the album an unprecedented 5 star review:
“… a stunningly ambitious album of shimmering rock.”

Rolling Stone USA in Fricke’s Picks:
“a genuine milestone in longevity and psychedelic invention.”

Classic Rock UK:
“what is on offer - aside from a masterpiece of dynamics and craft - is the irresistible sound of integrity.”

The Age:
“It's a haunting, dark, thrilling, ecstatic, melodic psychedelic journey in ten unforgettable pieces. “

Beat Magazine:
"Untitled #23 is kaleidoscopic but accessible, tightly focused psych-pop brilliance..."

Sydney Morning Herald:
"sparkling electric poetry from some guitar-shaped hole in the universe."

Tickets to this special intimate show are $35.00 and include CD.

I'm so stoked! Check out the official website of the church for information on additional U.S. dates as they are announced.

Click here and check out an interesting band history timeline for the church!


Setlist: Clapton/Beck At the O2

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Warning: As the title suggests, setlist spoilers are ahead. If you're attending any of this week's shows, you might want to move on from this post. Or, if you'd like a possible preview of what you can expect, this post is for you. I won't be in attendance unfortunately, but after seeing the following setlist online, I had to share it. Wow, what a set!

Here's some sample video for your enjoyment!

Setlist is after the jump.


R.I.P.: Doug Fieger of The Knack

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Sad news:  Doug Fieger, founding member/vocalist for The Knack, passed away over the weekend after a six year battle with cancer.  I never saw The Knack personally, but every time I think of the band, inevitably my mind drifts to the following moment in Reality Bites (this would be a good time for a small confession:  I might do this dance each and every time that "My Sharona" comes on the radio.):

While the band is probably best known for "My Sharona," they had two additional hits, "Good Girls Don't" and "Baby Talks Dirty," both of which were Top 40 charting songs for the group.  Here's an interesting documentary that goes behind the scenes of the success of "My Sharona."  Unfortunately, one of the three parts is missing (thanks to Warner Music copyright control), but the other two parts that are still posted on Youtube are a good watch.