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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week: The Rural Alberta Advantage

Dear ATVians,

What time is it? Well, in additional to being the appointed hour for getting ill (Beasties-style, not physician-wise), it is also time for the January Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Month! After last month's Bears-headlined NEO showcase, we are back to featuring a promise national act cutting a swathe through the 216 to bring us a night of sonic goodness. Actually, scratch that. This time we're talking about an international act. That's because this month's headliners, The Rural Alberta Advantage, hail from Toronto (i.e., Canada, which despite Bill Clinton and corporate America's best NAFTA efforts, is still a separate country).

On Sunday, January 17th, The Rural Alberta Advantage (or, The RAA, as those in the know - which you now are - sometimes refer to them) hit the stage for a much-anticipated show at the Beachland Tavern. Their last gig, which the recently disbanded Unsparing Sea opened (RIP Sea and best of luck to J.R. and wife as they travel on!), was a smash hit. So much so, the folks at Music Saves have been talking about it ever since word spread that the Toronto trio would be hitting the road again this month. To celebrate, Music Saves is giving away free RAA swag to anyone who buys advance tickets, which are $2 cheaper to boot, in the store. While you are there, snag a copy of the band's 2009 release, Hometowns. It is deeeeeeelightful, particularly my favorite tracks like "Don't Haunt This Place" and "Frank, AB."

Joining the north-of-the-border travelers onstage will be New York's The Octagon, a disarmingly charming indie rock troupe with a cool and super casual, sloppy punk edge. I've been spinning their just-released record, Warm Love and Cool Dreams Forever, practically non-stop. Should you get their early enough (and you really, really should), be sure to keep your ears open for songs like "Suicide Kings," "Radio Days, and Hound Adams." You better believe I'm gonna be requesting all three when I harass the band at the merch table before the show.

So, to summarize. Go see The Rural Alberta Advantage and The Octagon at the Beachland on Sunday, January 17th. Doors open at 8, local openers The Buried Wires kick things off 30 minutes later, and the whole thing only costs you $10 (unless, of course, you buy in advance at Music Saves, where it'll only cost $8 and you'll get free stuff). If you go, I'll be the guy who looks a whole lot like the handsome fella you'll see in John G's poster below, minus the metal robot skin and plus a somewhat more unkempt (or would that be less kempt?) beard. If you buy me a Coke, I like mine with maraschino cherries in it.

January CB