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This Week: Christmas at the Beachland on Wednesday night!

We've been pretty excited here at ATV HQ about this week's Beachland Christmas show on Wednesday night - 7 bands for 7 bucks, featuring a headlining performance from Bears, with support from Unsparing Sea, The Modern Electric (who we saw earlier this year and LOVED), Sh*t Slicer, Mystery of Two, and All Dinosaurs.

It turns out that our pal Cleveland Bachelor (sometimes and often our enemy) is also quite excited about the show, and in fact - it's his show of the month for December.  As is the new custom, Cleveland artist John G. has sketched out a really cool poster that unfortunately doesn't feature CB tied to a burning building, but it is quite cool nonetheless!

December CB show of the month poster

As per usual, CB has quite a bit of info about this month's show (he's SUCH a hustler), including the following link that details the poster's creation.

Here's some more info from CB about both the poster and the show:

You'll notice that our hero from the last poster has returned and is featured prominently on this one, trading his nachos in November for a milkshake from UDF in December. Hey - nobody ever said our hero engages in seasonally appropriate cuisine. In fact, take it from me - he does not.

As cool as the poster is, I'm just as excited about the line-up. Although they've since mostly disbanded and scattered, Bears was maybe the biggest indie bands in town when I first moved here, and since then Unsparing Sea and The Modern Electric have each turned into bands I have a lot of respect and appreciation for. Those three bands on a single bill alone would be more than enough to get my pulse jumping, but then you consider that this is the Beachland's pre-holiday bash and there will be four other bands playing the tavern side all night, including Mystery of Two, All Dinosaurs, Terminal Lovers, and Sh*t Slicer.

Why aren't we there yet? Christmas! Christmas! Christmas! Let's celebrate with some rock and roll, and since we're at the Beachland, how about some mac 'n cheese too??