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Good Listening: Steve Poltz at Daytrotter

Kudos to Jeff Giles for hipping me to the just-posted Daytrotter Session with Steve Poltz.  Anybody who knows Poltz will know that he doesn't mess around, so while some artists might play an unreleased song or two for Daytrotter, Steve played nine.

As I said on Twitter, if you're not hip to Poltz - get hip!  Start with The Rugburns, and buy everything!  My personal favorite solo disc from Poltz is One Left Shoe, his initial dip into non-Rugburns activities.  And God, how I miss The Rugburns.  I'll always remember one particular night at the Euclid Tavern where The Rugburns had been on stage for about 3 hours+ at the point that we decided to call it a night - and they were still going!

Check out some vintage video of The Rugburns below!

Steve Poltz at Daytrotter