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Contest: Win a copy of Purple Rain on vinyl!

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Howdy folks!

We're in the midst of a holidays-related break from posting, and until normal posting resumes, we're going to wrap up the year with a couple of contests!

Earlier this year, Tom and the fine folks at Because Sound Matters/Warner Brothers sent us a mighty fine vinyl care package made up of a hefty selection of their latest releases.  As we continue to plow through the ample slabs of vinyl, it seemed appropriate to offer up a choice item from that package for your listening pleasure!

Purple Rain

The legendary Prince album Purple Rain marked its 25th anniversary this year, and Warner Brothers celebrated that milestone with a fresh release of Purple Rain on 180 gram vinyl, mastered directly from the original master tapes!  The new pressing is a beaut, and we'd love to hook one lucky ATV reader up with their very own copy to enjoy!

Send us an email here, with "Prince vinyl" in the subject line, and we'll enter you for the chance to win - it's that simple!

Good luck!


R.I.P. Vic Chesnutt

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I was never a huge Vic Chesnutt fan, but it was more due to ignorance than active dislike. The Athens, Georgia, singer-songwriter released about an album a year and toured quite a bit, so he became one of those artists that was always around, someone I "always meant to check out." Still, because I was a huge R.E.M. fan, I always felt like I knew him: Vocalist Michael Stipe produced a couple of his early albums, and the band covered his tune "Sponge" on 1996's Sweet Relief II: Gravity of the Situation.

At age 18, Chesnutt became a paraplegic after a car accident. He performed sitting in his wheelchair -- most recently on tours with artists such as Jonathan Richman and Elf Power, or with backing from Fugazi guitarist Guy Picciotto and members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orchestra. In recent months, he talked about mounting medical bills -- $70,000 and counting despite having health insurance, he told the LA Times on December 1.

That same article seems eerily prescient as of tonight. On Thursday, it was reported that Chesnutt had slipped into a coma, the alleged result of a suicide attempt, according to Twitter posts on pal Kristin Hersh's account. (The official word from Chesnutt's label didn't specify what happened, but confirmed he was in a coma.) On Christmas, a spokesman for his family confirmed that Chesnutt had died, at the age of 45.


Good Listening: Jackson Browne and David Lindley – Live at the Philadelphia Folk Festival

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This is another repost, and I get more email about this particular show than any other show that I've shared here to date. Sourced from an in-house broadcast with soundboard audio, this performance from Jackson Browne and David Lindley is a wonderful listen.

I'd like to once again share copies of the DVD of this performance, and as with previous offers, these DVDs will go to the first five emails that I get. Send me an email, and I'll send you out a copy at no charge - it's that simple, and once they're gone, they're gone!


Jackson Browne


A Very Cleveland Christmas

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In the '80s, a Cleveland Christmas meant several things: Going downtown to Higbee's to see Santa, watching Mr. Jingeling -- the "keeper of the keys" -- on TV and hitting the Twigbee Shop. The latter was a store-within-a-store which paired a helpful elf with young children, so they could shop for their parents' presents by themselves. (Of course, some resourceful children scrimped on family members to buy for themselves. Like I did one year, to purchase a "California Sounds of the '60s" cassette.) The idyllic scenes in A Christmas Story were not an exaggeration: The glamorous downtown department store in the Terminal Tower exploded with decorations, lights and holiday cheer.
higbee's santa


The 12 Boots of Christmas: Don’t Give Us None of Your Aggravation

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Hey there music lovers, we’ve reached the end of the line.  Santa has to get ready for the big show and we have to be sure to get the last boot in the 12 Boots of Christmas series prepared for placement under the tree.


Today's North Pole nugget is a vintage seasonal performance from one of the kings of rock and roll, the one and only Elton John.


Good Listening: Aimee Mann – Live at the Keswick Theatre – 12/13/08

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As we continue to spread the holiday cheer here at ATV, here's a repost of Aimee Mann's great holiday broadcast from last year, which was broadcast by WXPN in Philly. The WXPN folks are always up to something cool, so surf on over and give 'em a listen! Sadly, there was no Aimee Mann Christmas show for me this year, but I've got my fingers crossed that perhaps she'll come back this way next year!

Aimee Mann


Cage Match: Xmas Edition Vol. 3 – Run DMC vs. The Waitresses

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The big man is just around the corner, with his everpresent bag of toys and goodies, so we need to say goodbye for now, with our final Cage Match of 2009.

We've got two more holiday classics for you this week!

Perhaps you'd prefer to hear it on vinyl?

Lots of covers of this one, including The Donnas, Save Ferris, and the Spice Girls!

Run DMC or The Waitresses - what's your pick?


The Monday Morning Mix: Christmas with Dusty – 12/21/09

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Graphic by Rachael Novak

Click here for details on how you can be a part of The Monday Morning Mix and win some cool stuff!

A Note:

Radio legend Dusty Street is our guest for today's Monday Mix. For those that are unfamiliar, Dusty was one of the first women DJs on the radio airwaves. Starting out in San Francisco underground radio, Dusty eventually wound up working at the legendary KSAN, where she spent the next ten years. The "world famous" KROQ in Los Angeles would be the next stop for Street, and radio in the '80s was reborn thanks to the sound of trailblazing stations like KROQ, and personalities like Street, Richard Blade, Freddy Snakeskin, Jed The Fish, etc. These days, Dusty Street is right here in Cleveland, broadcasting live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame each day on Sirius XM where you can hear her from 11am-4pm EST on the Classic Vinyl channel.

With today's mix, Dusty shares an hour's worth of her holiday favorites that you won't want to miss.  Enjoy!

P.S. - You can still download last week's holiday mix from D.X. Ferris by clicking here!


This Week: Christmas at the Beachland on Wednesday night!

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We've been pretty excited here at ATV HQ about this week's Beachland Christmas show on Wednesday night - 7 bands for 7 bucks, featuring a headlining performance from Bears, with support from Unsparing Sea, The Modern Electric (who we saw earlier this year and LOVED), Sh*t Slicer, Mystery of Two, and All Dinosaurs.

It turns out that our pal Cleveland Bachelor (sometimes and often our enemy) is also quite excited about the show, and in fact - it's his show of the month for December.  As is the new custom, Cleveland artist John G. has sketched out a really cool poster that unfortunately doesn't feature CB tied to a burning building, but it is quite cool nonetheless!

December CB show of the month poster


Video: A Very Perry Christmas

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The only reason that this isn't real, is because Steve Perry hasn't thought of it.  Yet.  Thanks to Kurt for this one!