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The 12 Boots of Christmas – How About Sandals?

Santa peace sign porcelain

Installment number two of the 12 Boots of Christmas series is a thirty year-old chestnut that is ready to be roasted again this holiday season.

The Grateful Dead is truckin’ across the nation in support of the Shakedown Street album and lands in Cleveland on November 29, 1979 at Public Hall for a night of fun and frolic along the shores of Lake Erie.

G Dead welcome marquee

The holiday vibe is good and the band is in the spirit of Thanksgiving, delivering a great show which remains legendary to this day, most notably for the string at the end of Disc One featuring “Brown Eyed Women,” “Looks Like Rain” and Don’t Ease Me In” coupled with the opening passage on Disc Two of “Shakedown Street” and “Samson and Delilah.”

The Dead also shows its love for the rock and roll capital by bringing out four-chorders like “Alabama Getaway,” “Around and Around,” “Johnny B. Goode,” and “U.S. Blues.”

G Dead live w Mydland reduced

Keith and Donna Godchaux (keyboards and vocals) left the band about eight months earlier and were replaced by Bob Weir sideman Brent Mydland.  Mydland is the fourth keyboardist in the band’s history and would last 11 years before becoming the third one to die, succumbing to an overdose in 1990.

Santa loved this show so much he insisted upon quality along the lines of a Betty Board and he definitely received what he asked for.  This show sounds GREAT!  If you’re not a Dead fan, give it a try anyway for the sonic attributes alone.

ATV's new crew member, Sam the sound engineer, gives it two Santa-sized thumbs up!

Sam board man for site

The deal is you need to find yourself about two and a half hours, invite some friends over and enjoy some homegrown holiday cheer accompanied by the mind-blowing merriment of the Dead.

Hey, even Santa needs a miracle once in a while!


Holly Jolly Hardcore Alert: This show is not complete as the “Eyes of the World>Drums>Not Fade Away” section was edited out prior to me receiving it.  After researching the setlist on the internet, I have also seen it in a different running order than is presented here.


disc one
disc two


Alabama Getaway

The Promised Land


Mama Tried

Mexicali Blues

They Love Each Other

New Minglewood Blues

Easy to Love You

Brown Eyed Women

Looks Like Rain

Don’t Ease Me In

Shakedown Street

Samson and Delilah

High Time

Estimated Prophet

Black Peter

Around and Around

Johnny B. Goode

U.S. Blues

  • Matt

    I wish that more bands would have had an open taping policy over the years like the Dead did. It's cool that so many of their shows are available in high quality….and this particular Cleveland show is one that I've always had on my list to check out. Good stuff!

  • Dan

    What happened to the zip?

  • Matt

    fixed…thanks for the heads up!

  • Matt

    fixed…thanks for the heads up!