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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week – This Way Out’s 4th Anniversary Show

Dear ATVians,

How many of you took my advice and hit the Evangelicals show? I was there, so I know that it wasn't a tremendous amount of you, but if some of you did, let me know what you thought. Did I make a good pick? (In fact, this requested feedback goes for any show I suggest and you end up finding yourself.)

This week is kind of a nice symbolic beginning to the live music winter. In the bleaker invernal months, high quality national rock shows become less and less frequent. They don't totally disappear, of course, but instead, the true Cleveland indie rocker finds his or her gaze shifting to some of our finer local acts. All winter long, you'll find super-solid multi-band line-ups that garner big attendance numbers, ending up being one of your favorite shows of the year even if the hyper-linked names don't ever make it to Pitchfork or Brooklyn Vegan.

This Way Out

The first of these such killer local shows is on the horizon, set to take place this Wednesday, as the Beachland celebrates the fourth anniversary of that awesome little vintage and record boutique nestled in the venue's basement, This Way Out. Not familiar? That's crazy - get familiar. Those of you that are familiar certainly have warm rememberances of that rare 12-inch you found or the killer vintage shirt that was just right for that lucky first date (or bang, depending how caught up you are in bourgeois social conventions). Over the years, I've scored my favorite summertime button-up, a stylin' aquamarine blazer emblazoned with a 1970s era Cleveland Athletic Club logo, and a smashing 3/4 length tan leather jacket with belt and lapels that I'm gonna pick up this morning when I finish this up and walk down to the Beachland to catch its awesome weekly Sunday brunch. Plus, you always have the chance of stopping down on a night when the unimpeachably cool and dashing Dave P. is holding down the fort.

Like all of us humans, This Way Out has a birthday and being the party-hounds they are, the staff tends not to miss an opportunity to celebrate it. This year, the celebration includes performances by killer newcomers Founding Fathers, Lakewood stalwarts Dreadful Yawns, Prisoners, and The Alarm Clocks. All for $4! (Get it - 4th Anniversary, $4 at the door? Clever, eh?) Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30. By 8 pm you'll be wishing you had my email address so you could send a thank you. Don't bother, just buy yourself something cool downstairs.