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Silver Bullet Bucket List & All I Want For Christmas is for Michael McDonald to not sing any Christmas songs.

Bob Seger

You can all give me shit later for ignoring you on ATV for so long. It's the holidays, so let's wait until after New Year's, mmm-kay? And it's OK, I know you miss me... I see it on my stats every time you Google me.

Thanks to Jukebox 65 for musically inspiring a post from me this weekend. Her tweet was a lovely reminder of the not-too-oft heard early song of Bob Seger.

"2+2=?" off of the Ramblin' Gamblin' Man album from good ol' 1969:

Then check out a TV show performance of that album's title track:

It's some awesome nostalgia right there. The Silver Bullet needs no freakin mic stand. Awesome. Mullet (preferred, of course) or mop top, Seger remains one of my favorite performers.

That being said, seeing Bob Seger live is still on my Bucket List. I have never seen Bob Seger in concert -- not any Last Heard, Bob Seger System, Silver Bullet Band, solo act... never. Mostly because, well, the height of popularity of those musical acts were well before I was even born (or I was like 3 years old), but I'm fairly certain my father's musical influences have innately been acquired for life. I have never seen the Hall of Famer perform live -- it's down-right shameful, and regardless if he still performs live, I NEED to cross that off my list. I'll stalk a bitch if I need to.

All that being said, here is a live performance of my favorite Seger song, "Still the Same":

I'll save you on more posted YouTube videos of "We've Got Tonight" and "Fire Inside" (numbers 2 and 3 on my Fave list, respectively). You know how to find 'em.

Adding to the Concert Bucket List, Louis Prima was an early inclusion. Sadly, Louis Prima was about five decades too early for me, and unless there is a séance performed, that concert just ain't gonna happen. But as a runner-up, my ex took me to see Sam Butera (I think it was 2003), and he was just as amazing. (BTW, all you Me-and-X Generationers, Sammy was the saxophonist for Louis Prima's band -- you know, the guy who ORIGINALLY sang "Just a Gigolo"? Oh, you didn't know that was a remake? For shame, supposed music lovers). Sadly, Butera passed away just this summer, but am I ever grateful for being able to witness one of the great musicians of my grandparent's musical era.

Here's Butera's rendition:

I have also never seen Michael McDonald in concert. See, he does this Christmas tour bullshit, and well, I hate Christmas, so while McDonald himself is not torture, three hours of his distinct voice singing songs I loathe probably would be.

See? Makes me want to stick icicles in my ears.

So, perhaps I will get a little Doobie Brothers surprise in my stocking this Christmas. Happy Holidays, musical lovelies.

  • Matt

    It's the right time to be a Seger fan – there's a great new book out ( that I need to get my hands on.

    Wait – you don't have the book, so how do you know it's great? Because it's BOB SEGER, that's how I know it's great. As I've told you, the holidays of 2006 were a little bit less crummy for me, because I was there at the Palace of Auburn Hills, seeing Bob Seger live in his home frikkin' base. AMAZING.

    For Seger fans, there's also a new collection out called Early Seger, featuring a few unreleased tunes from the way way back days of Seger in the studio. Fans can check that out at Bob's website at

    And since you mention “Still The Same,” I recall your amazing karaoke rendition of the track, unveiled towards the end of the night of the blogger meetup at Bar Cento. Eyes were misty, and you all shoulda been there.

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  • MellieMel

    Oh man! I totally forgot a grew a pair to sing that night. How embarrassing. And horrifying.

    Misty eyed? Crying of laughter perhaps.

  • Mel

    Oh man! I totally forgot a grew a pair to sing that night. How embarrassing. And horrifying.

    Misty eyed? Crying of laughter perhaps.

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