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Cool Gig Alert! Special acoustic show w/ The Jellybricks

We realize that for some - your wonderful editor included - there simply just isn't enough rock to fill your average weekend.  As a result, we find ourselves on a continual quest to load each weekend to the brim with as much rock as humanly possible.

This weekend, we have good reason to believe that this will not be a problem, with the presence of both International Pop Overthrow, and the mega-bill of Starz/The Suede Brothers/The Hot Rails at the Beachland Ballroom.

But we're just getting started because,  *drum roll please *, you can also quench your need for rock by attending  Saturday night's gala event at the Roc Bar featuring Tiger Piss!

It seems like the above shows would be more than enough for most.

But still, for those that insist on living life INXS in excess - have no fear, because Addicted to Vinyl is here!

(And with the end of that previous sentence, ATV just lost another five readers!)

This particular post is targeted towards those that will be rockin' like Dokken Material Issue this weekend at IPO.  Realizing that you'll be spending your entire weekend at the Beachland on Friday and Saturday night, we're aware that when Sunday morning rolls around, you might find yourself at a loss when trying to figure out what to do next.

Simple answer:  Grab yourself some delicious Beachland Brunch and pack up the car for one final weekend joyride!  Point "Bertha" (that's your car, jackass!) towards the Agora complex at 5000 Euclid Avenue for a very special event at Lava Room Recording featuring the Jellybricks!

The Jellybricks

The Jellybricks will follow their Saturday night IPO appearance with a special acoustic show at the Lava Room on Sunday afternoon at 2pm where they'll be playing a full set!  The boys are doing the acoustic show on Sunday as a way to raise a little bit of gas money for the trip back to Pittsburgh after IPO - there will be a "pay what you want" donation at the gig, and also a variety of merch items - t-shirts, know the drill!

The show will be recorded for later broadcast, and The Jellybricks are especially geeked about the historical significance of the location for the Sunday performance - the band shared the following bit in their latest newsletter:

Interesting trivia is that this is the same room where The Beatles gave their first WHK Cleveland press conference in 1964! Gear!

Cleveland music fans are very aware of the above piece of musical trivia, but that might be an interesting tidbit for you non-local types.

Sounds like fun, right?  Right.

It's been a pretty good year for the Jellybricks, who started off the year with kudos from Rolling Stone for their "Ruin Us" video - which was created entirely in Rock Band 2.

Here's the clip for your viewing pleasure, just in case you missed it.

That's all for now - enjoy your rock and roll weekend responsibly, and buy us a few drinks while you're at it!

We'll see ya at IPO!