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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week: A Tale of Slacking, Art Brut, Edward Sharpe, Etc.

Dear ATVians,

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry for failing you ... two weeks in a row! Will it happen again? Yes, probably. But will I feel good about it? No, I won't. I might not feel too bad about it, but it'll bring me no joy to abandon you. Again.

Now that you've forgiven me, lets get on with the advice-giving. To atone for my missed appointments these past couple weeks (and, honestly, because I just can't decide which show will be better), I'm going to endorse two different concerts. Both are out of town (one in Oberlin, one in Kent), which might seem like a drag at first ... until you remember you get to make a fun after-work night of it, grabbing a bite or a slice at some old favorite college town haunts.

Trust me, you should do this. Hit at least one of these shows. It's getting cold, there's plenty of other stuff to do, but trust me - come January, Kent's gonna feel a billion miles away. And the good vibes you'll have at either one of these shows (or both, if you're truly wise and/or irresponsible) will put a memory spike of a smile on your lips that will warm your soul, if not your fingers and toes.

Hugs and Platonic Tongue-Kisses,


Option #1: Art Brut plays Oberlin on Wednesday night:

One of my favorite albums from the first half of this year, Art Brut's recent Art Brut Vs Satan album garnered the CB Album of the Week nod back in July, before the album of the week feature was quietly retired. By all accounts, the only thing that beats the album is a live Art Brut performance, where you get to witness Eddie Argos and his unparalleled comic timing in person. I plan to go. Hell, I plan to make a night of it. Speaking of which, anyone have any hot tips on where to grab a bite out Oberlin way?

Art Brut - Alcoholics Unanimous on MUZU.

Option #2: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros play the Kent Folk Fest on Thursday:

If Art Brut's record was one of my favorite of the first half of this year, the debut Edward Sharpe release is one of my favorites of, well, ever. If the band's name catches you unaware, you can check out my review of their album, Up From Below, here, though you might already be familiar with the band due to their early September visit to Case Western or maybe from me plugging this post a handful of weeks ago, or perhaps because you've heard their simply perfect Johnny & June meets Ken Kesey and a tavern of hipsters love song, "Home." Or maybe you haven't heard of them. If so, remedy that quick. Preferably by driving down to Kent.

The rest of the folk festival there is something of national renown, with talented and rising folkies traveling from all over the country to play it, and if you need even more to sweeten the pot, local awesomers Unsparing Sea will be holding down opening duties for the magnetic ones. Like Wednesday, I plan to make a holiday of this one, so, once again, anybody have any hot eating tips for Kent? Other than the taco places everybody mentions?

Home - Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros


The Kent State Folk Festival

  • michaelebert

    Thanks again, Justin, for expressing your enthusiasm for my son Alex and the Sharpies. Hopefully Kent state will be great fun. Your July 27 review is still one of the two or three most thorough and thoughtful I've read!
    Michael Ebert

  • Western Artwork

    who is this guy? looks like crispin glover! 😀

  • Western Artwork

    who is this guy? looks like crispin glover! 😀