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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week – Unsparing Sea

Hello ATVians!

How are thee? Living life to the fullest, I hope. If you have been, let's keep it continuous (to borrow Sammy Sosa's rather odd parlance). If not, here's your chance. The upcoming week is a grand one for live music performance. Paleface is playing what used to be called the Matinee (on W. 25th in Cleveland, not the one in Akron) on Monday, St. Vincent is coming to the Beachland on Tuesday, Langhorne Slim is at the Grog while Elusive Parallelograms are at Now That's Class on Wednesday, Saul Williams hits House of Blues on Thursday, Captured! By Robots rolls through the Grog Shop on Friday, and Drummer splits the bill with The Royal Bangs and Other Girls in the Beachland Ballroom on Saturday. A very solid week of rock and we still haven't gotten to the CB pick to click!

Unsparing Sea

Speaking of which, while we have Drummer/Royal Bangs/Other Girls action in the Ballroom on Saturday, local heroes Unsparing Sea will be celebrating the release of their latest album, In the Diamond Caverns, on the Tavern side. A follow-up to their wonderful debut release, A Cloud in the Cathedral, and this year's earlier EP release, In the Crystal Canyons, these folks are in fine form on full-length #2. I received my publicity copy a week or so ago and haven't been able to stop listening, so make sure you don't miss out on your opportunity to pick up your own copy at the show, as well as hear the band play through the album's tracks all the way through.

Unsparing Sea

If that wasn't enough (and trust me, after listening to this record, I'll stake every bit of my critical reputation on my assertion that it is), they'll be joined onstage at the Beachland Tavern by one of the most talented duos in all of Northeast Ohio, Akron's Trouble Books, and one of the newer indie rock bands around town here to get a little excitement going, Casual Encounters. I've never ever been disappointed by a Trouble Books performance, and I've been kicking myself for not getting to a Casual Encounters show yet, so we all have lots to look forward.

In sum, AWESOME show on Saturday 10/24 in the Beachland Tavern. Come by and have fun. If you are feeling flush, buy me a beer. I'll be the guy balancing a High Life on his beer belly. See ya there.

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