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A couple of rock and roll birthday greetings….

Two ATV favorites are celebrating birthdays this week - our first birthday greeting goes out to Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward, a longtime staple in my musical collection both with the Moodies and solo.

My Hayward/Moodies love began when I saw this video as a kid....

Moody Blues Your Wildest Dreams
by avajra

....and continued with the second part of the story, and my purchase of the entire Sur La Mer album.

From there, it was on to Days of Future Passed, and the eventual acquisition of most of the Moody Blues catalog.

Sammy Hagar

The other guy celebrating a birthday this week wins the award for the artist/musician that is least likely to ever jam with the Moody Blues on stage.

But he's certainly jammed with pretty much everybody else!

Happy b-day to former Montrose/Van Halen frontman and current Red Rocker tequila sluggin' salesman Sammy Hagar!

Dude has been rocking for about 168 years now.

Here is Sam I Am on stage in 1985 at Farm Aid with Eddie, pre-5150 time.

And because we like funny stuff - here's Sammy on stage with Van Halen - featuring some particularly awesome shredding from Eddie!

Happy birthday!