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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week – Califone

Hello ATVians,

Sorry to fail you last week. I don't like doing the kitchen sink method of advice giving - I am much more in favor of zeroing in on just the right thing and then hammering on it - but things were just oh so hectic. Today, as I write this, I feel a bit under the weather, but I refuse to blow it three weeks in a row. We have to build a relationship built as much on trust as on esteem, right?   Right.

Which is why I'm pretty stoked about this week's rock pick to click. If you've been keeping score on the kinds of things I recommend, you'll know by now that I'm as much a film enthusiast as I am an indie rocker. (And, of course, I love buffalo wings, but for once that is merely secondary to the others.) So when you get the scoop about this week's Califone extravaganza, you'll immediately understand why I'm so geeked.


But before we get to the scoopage, my guess is that right now you readers are having one of two responses. Either "Califone? Awesome! Tell me more!" OR "Califone? Who are those guys? Tell me more, please."

To the former, I say "I know, right?!?! OK, I'll tell you more in a second. To the latter, "Califone is a post-rock band out of Chicago that is, frankly, quite good. They formed out of the ashes of Red Red Meat, and are known for their inspired and unique combinations of folk, pop, and that post-rock Chicago thing (though not nearly as boring as some other Chicago post-rock outfits like, say, The Sea and Cake)."

To both of you, I say this: Califone is touring their newest album, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. The album has garnered some pretty solid reviews and critical appreciation. I'd tell you more, but apparently their publicist lost my mailing address this time around (ahem). That's cool, though. I'm still gonna check out the show on the strength of their past releases AND because this tour showcases not only their live music awesomeness BUT ALSO the filmmaking chops of frontman Tim Rutili.

Accompanying each band performance will be a screening of Rutili's new film, also titled All My Friends Are Funeral Singers. The film stars indie cinema staple Angela Bettis and the plot revolves around a psychic woman, the woods, ghosts, and brilliance. (OK, I admit it - I added the last part. Call it prognostication. Hopefully I'm more accurate here than I was when I picked the Browns to go 10-6 this year.)

All My Friends Are Funeral Singers Trailer from Califone on Vimeo.

So, let's see what all this adds up to: great band, intriguing film, getting on CB's good side, a visit to the coolest venue in NEO, a great way to break up the monotony of the work week. I guess I could go on, but at this point you guys are sold, right?

Cool. See you at the Beachland on Wednesday.

Hugs and Platonic Tongue Kisses,



Check out CB's chat with Califone frontman Tim Rutili!

  • clevelandcaper

    thanks for putting a spotlight on califone. i'd never heard of them and just listened to a sampling of their stuff. they don't suck.

  • Matt

    They don't suck….

    You on the other hand…

    Haha – I made a Cleveland Caper funny!!

  • clevelandcaper

    thanks for putting a spotlight on califone. i'd never heard of them and just listened to a sampling of their stuff. they don't suck.

  • Matt

    They don't suck….

    You on the other hand…

    Haha – I made a Cleveland Caper funny!!

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