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New Music: Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy

It's time to share another CD with all of you that's been a fixture in my player recently: Ciao My Shining Star: The Songs of Mark Mulcahy, is a tribute to the CT-based former Miracle Legion and Polaris front man and his late wife Melissa, who died suddenly in September 2008. 

Ciao will be available at traditional record stores and online next Tuesday (9/28).

Proceeds from the sale of the album will help Mulcahy raise his young daughters and continue his music career. The album features 21 exclusive recordings by his friends, including Thom Yorke, Michael Stipe, Dinosaur Jr., The National, Frank Black, and Juliana Hatfield among others.

20 additional tracks are available digitally via the Itunes deluxe edition, including the Buffalo Tom cover of "Butterflies", a particular gem that makes the deluxe set a must-own purchase.

Annie Zaleski has a nicely detailed review of the set, and there's also a newly released video for Thom Yorke's version of "All For The Best."  Notably, the track marks the first time that Yorke and his brother Andy have worked together - check out the video below:

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This set is a great purchase for music nerds - the lineup of talent on these discs is staggering -  and you can feel good that you're supporting a great cause as you potentially discover Mulcahy's talented body of work for the first time.

Ciao My Shining Star