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I hear that St. Louis is pretty nice in October….

Today's tale reveals an upcoming new adventure in which our hero accepts an invitation to attend the Bruce Springsteen concert in St. Louis....


  • anniezaleski

    what invitation?

  • Ann

    I'm jealous!

  • thefrontloader

    You are SO lucky!

  • dslifton


  • Matt

    I can only hope for some of the good tunes you've seen recently, Dave!

  • Matt

    Oh, there was totally an invitation.

  • Scott Allen

    I read your blog pretty regularly, but haven't had time in the last few days. Great news for you! My wife and I are attending this show. We are sitting in the same section 301, Row G, Seats 6 & 7. If it's anything like the show he did last year it will be a GREAT show! Look it up if you get time. We are also going to Farm Aid earlier in the month too.

  • Matt

    Scott – thanks for the good words! Hey – come on over and say hello if you're so inclined…or perhaps I will hunt you down – I often meet blog readers here in Cleveland, and it would be a nice twist to meet a blog reader in St. Louis! Believe me, I read the review of last year's STL show. KILLER! I'm jealous that you're going to Farm Aid – should be a great time!

    Anyway, hopefully we'll shake hands in STL – cheers!

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