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Oates, I forgot how soft your hands were….

We're just as excited as everybody else about the pending public reunion of J-Stache and John Oates, set to occur live onstage at the American Mustache Institute's annual Stache Bash happening on October 30th in St. Louis.  Presumably, Oates will be there to promote the brand new super-bad ass Hall & Oates box set Do What You Want, Be What You Are - The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates.

Hall & Oates - Do What You Want, Be What You Are

Fingers are currently crossed hoping that in fact, Mr. Oates might be re-growing that famous 'stache we all knew and loved so much, in honor of the Stache Bash appearance.  Or perhaps if we are lucky, Oates mighta frozen that famous 'stache, Han Solo style - which of course means that it is almost certainly perfectly preserved, frozen in carbonite since 1993 and ready for action.

UPDATE: The legendary Oates 'stache is BACK!

We received the following video dispatch from J-Stache - please note that this video contains lots of NSFW language - view with caution:

J-Stache Calling! - watch more funny videos
  • rwcass

    Maybe Oates will enter from stage left, his mustache will enter from stage right, and they'll “accidentally” bump Hall and make him plummet into the orchestra pit as they run to center stage to embrace.

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