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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week: The Pleasure of Being Robbed

Greetings Vinyl Addicts,

I still haven't been fired, so I'm back with another show of the week suggestion for you. This week, I'm going to change things up slightly, let's see what you guys think about it.

There are plenty of live music opportunities this week, especially at the Beachland, where These United States plays on Wednesday, Two Cow Garage plays on Thursday, Drug Rug and Afternoon Naps play on Friday, and a bunch of bands (including Founding Fathers and Mystery of Two) play at the food-n-booze Fiesta of the Tequila Cactus spectacular.

However, I'm going to temporarily abandon live music recommendations for the week and instead suggest you check out one of the two screenings of new indie film The Pleasure of Being Robbed. Directed by twenty-something auteur Josh Safdie, The Pleasure of Being Robbed might be the first mumblecore mystery flick. The film has received critical nods from writers I really respect and caught all sorts of buzz during the film portion of last year's SXSW. This film is as inspired by Truffaut and Godard as it is Bujalski and Swanberg, and while the genre is still in that "so hip everyone has to crap on it even though they are still writing about every single new addition to the field" moment, I also think it is the most exciting, communal filmmaking movement going right now, truly comparable to the energy in 1960s France, though we do have nearly enough historical distance between our perspective and the movement's production for most people to do anything other than scoff at my claim.

Regardless, there is something exciting happening with the group of filmmakers involved in this group, and Safdie's offering might be the most ambitious of the lot yet. So be a part of history and check it out. The Pleasure of Being Robbed is playing twice this week at the CIA Cinematheque - on Thursday at 8:25 PM and Friday at 8 PM. The Cinematheque is located in the Cleveland Institute of Art's Gund Building at 11141 East Boulevard. Ticket prices are $8 (or $6 if you are a member) - be sure to bring cash as I don't believe they have credit card capabilities.