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Whiskey Daredevils at The Beachland on Saturday night!

We got the following dispatch from Whiskey Daredevils frontman Greg Miller in the ol' electronic ATV mailbox. The last time that we saw Miller, he had this crazed look in his eyes, staring up into the heavens while mumbling something we couldn't quite understand. That was on New Year's Eve at the Beachland, opening for Jason & The Scorchers. From the looks of the evidential transmission below, Miller might still be a little bit south of normal, just the way we like him.


You lucky bastards have the chance and opportunity to spend your Saturday night in Cleveland at the Beachland, with the ultimate doo-wop cowpunk good time party band. We mighta gone overboard by throwing "doo-wop" in there. P.S. The Whiskeys have been recording recently in Detroit, so there is the possibility and very real chance that you might hear new tunes!

Anyway, read on for the details from Greg:

The Whiskey Daredevils have escaped relatively unscathed from the Tuesday Aug 4th show at the Rock Hall where they participated in the taping of an episode of "Dinner Impossible". Do you know this show? It runs on the Food Network, and features this big British guy (Chef Robert) who has to cook meals for large groups of people under difficult conditions. As far as we could tell, he did an OK job on the meal. He did have some difficulty counting to four when trying to play a kill note and say "Goodnight Cleveland!" with the band for a taped segment to presumably finish the show. He did eventually get there though and hopefully he looked cool doing it. He's freakishly pumped up though, so he might look like something someone built in their basement to play guitar. The proof will be on the tape. The episode is set to air in October.

Even more exciting, the Whiskey Daredevils will headline the Tavern at the Beachland this Saturday night. Our friends Akillis Green from Dayton will open, and Church of the Lazy Bastard will also step up. We haven't had a good old fashion local throw down in a while, so we'd really like to see you out there on Sat. The bar will be cool and comfortable. The Beachland has promised me there will be plenty of ice cold beer ready to go. All we need is you... We're going to try and get started earlier than usual. Let's say showtime is 930pm?

photo courtesy of WhiskeyDaredevils.Com