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Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week: The Low Anthem


If you attended the Presidents show at the Grog on Friday, I think you'll agree that my inaugural selection for live show of the week was a solid choice. If you didn't, shame on you for not listening. The first thing you should know about me is that I never hesitate to say "I told you so." Fear not, however - you can catch a post-show review here.

This week, you can continue your personal streak (or start one anew) of consecutive awesome shows by catching The Low Anthem play on Wednesday at the Grog Shop. Operating out of Rhode Island, The Low Anthem brings us a beautiful hybrid of folk, bar room rock, and beauty. If interested, you can check out my more extensive album review here. In the last few weeks, the band's recent album, Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, has climbed quickly up the rungs to challenge for best of 2009 consideration. There are still a few months to go before we start compiling "best of" lists, but I confidently predict this record will be high up on any list I craft.

At the show, you'll undoubtedly be treated to sonic gems like the album's initial single release, "Charlie Darwin," as well as Cleveland Bachelor favorite tracks like "Ticket Taker" and "(Don't Tremble)." Furthermore, if you fancy yourself a Tom Waits enthusiast, you won't be disappointed, as the band not only channels the man through their own tune, "The Horizon is a Beltway," but also capably covers the growling vaud-rocker with a rousing rendition of "Home I'll Never Be" (which, incidentally, was penned by Jack Kerouac under a different title).

Low-anthem 2

Stop by the show and keep an eye out for me. I'll be the guy trying to convince the door man I'm on the band's press list and trying to negotiate beer prices with the bartender. I'm sure the staff at these venues love me.

Additional Picks from CB and the ATV Staff:

Monday, August 3 - Buck Night for the Lake County Captains! $1 off adult ticket prices, 50-cent hot dogs (i.e., they cost half-a-buck, not that they will feature the image of a certain NYC rapper), and $1 popcorn, peanuts, chips, onion rings, mini corn dogs, soda, and beer! And, of course, you'll get to cheer on the Captains against the evil Kannapolis Intimidators.

Tuesday, August 4 - Call in sick and head on down to Berea for the Browns Training Camp. Actually, for you nervous nellie's too timid to call off, you can still hit the evening practice session from 5:45 to 7:45 PM (though the morning session should be less crowded, from 8:45 to 10:45 AM).

Tuesday, August 4 - Check out the Radio 92.3 Cheap Date concert at House of Blues with The Airborne Toxic Event and local openers Ohio Sky!  ATV's Mellie Mel will be in attendance - give her a high five, and buy her a brewski!  Ask the Ohio Sky guys about their new release, which you can obtain on vinyl!

Saturday, August 8 - This day for me (this is Matt talking now,) is a date that I've been anticipating for nearly three months since the show was booked/announced.  On Saturday, I'll catch my first show in 15 years from 90s Cleveland alt-rockers The Waynes!  The band played a very low-key gig a few years ago that I missed, and besides that gig and a brief four song set at the Roc Bar earlier this year (in celebration of bass player Derek Poindexter's birthday,) there's been not a peep from Team Waynes.

All of this will change on Saturday night at the Happy Dog where The Waynes will play a full set (at least two hours,) that promises to be a special night for all in attendance.  ATV friend John Soeder caught up with the band for an interview published this past Friday in the Plain Dealer.  Former Rosavelt frontman Chris Allen will play a brief set to open the evening.

Click here for the complete weekly rundown from CB!

  • Roger

    Have you checked out Joe Pug? He's the draw for me at this show…

  • Roger

    Have you checked out Joe Pug? He's the draw for me at this show…

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