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The Monday Morning Mix – Cause = Time – 7/27/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Today's scene starts with Brian snickering at me as I look back at him and ask what is so funny?

"You just called it Sensory Alien AGAIN."

"What is it?"

"Sensory Overload."


José and Kelly from Sensory Overload are two of my favorite folks on the internet, fellow Clevelanders, and always a great pair to hang out with. After a ginormous Cleveland blogger meetup last fall, a group of us continued to meet occasionally for food, music, and conversation. This series of get-togethers helped to melt the ice a bit on an otherwise typically chilly Cleveland winter, and also helped to bring me that much further out of my semi-reclusive hole.

Kelly got in touch with me to let me know that she had a mix for this series, and I was happy to get my hands on it when it showed up at the P.O. Box. What a great listen - I loved it, and I'm sure you will too.

Here's a quick intro from Kelly to set it up, and we'll be off and on our way!

This mix is simply a cohesive collection of some of my most favorite songs from the last 6+ years. The recurring theme of the mix is the ups and downs of love set to glitchy, blurry, and sometimes haunting melodies. Enjoy*

Track Listing:

Download complete mix (link is good for one week only)

1. Always - Rilo Kiley - from The Initial Friend EP
2. Faking the Books - Lali Puna - from Faking the Books
3. The 15th - Fischerspooner - from #1
4. I'm On Standby - Grandaddy - from Sumday
5. Cause=Time - Broken Social Scene - from Broken Social Scene
6. Sometimes - My Bloody Valentine - from Loveless
7. Black Cat - Broadcast - from Tender Buttons
8. Through the Backyards - Au Revoir Simone - from Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation
9. Tom's Diner (remix) - Suzanne Vega featuring DNA - from Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega
10. Fall From Grace - Gentle Waves - from Pumpkin OST
11. Untitled - Interpol - from Turn on the Bright Lights
12. Our Hell - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - from Knives Don't Have Your Back
13. Maybe Not - Cat Power - from You Are Free
14. Honey Honey - Feist - from The Reminder
15. Love Song (Cure cover) - Tori Amos - from Rarities
16. The One I Love - Sufjan Stevens - from Live at SXSW
17. There Is a Light - Great Lake Swimmers - from Ongiara
18. Waitin' For A Superman - Iron And Wine - from Around The Well

  • Kelly

    Sensory Alien kinda has a nice ring to it 😉

    I forgot to add that “The One I Love” performed by Sufjan Stevens at SXSW is an REM cover — although, I’m assuming all of your readers are completely aware of this.

  • addictedtovinyl

    I actually did put that little important note in the MP3 tag. But for the track listing here, I just used the handy cut and paste function.


    Thanks again. This is fab.

  • kap

    Finally had a chance to listen to the mix today… you've had some great submissions, and this one is no exception. I love Rilo Kiley… and I've always loved Tori's cover of Love Song. As with the previous mixes, there are some I know and some that are new to me, which I always love. Thanks much!

  • Matt

    I hadn't heard the cover of Love Song. Pretty awesome! Glad you dug it! We've got some great mixes on the way!

  • Matt

    I hadn't heard the cover of Love Song. Pretty awesome! Glad you dug it! We've got some great mixes on the way!

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