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Kickin’ it with Jim Breuer here at Addicted to Vinyl

So as you might know, we've got a contest running right now offering you the chance to win your very own copy of Jim Breuer's new comedy DVD Let's Clear The Air.

Let's Clear The Air premieres tomorrow night (7/25) on Comedy Central at 11pm EST, and then hits stores and online outlets on DVD this coming Tuesday (7/28.)

In the midst of the full-on promotional swing for Let's Clear The Air, we got word that Jim was available to do custom video IDs by request. Whatever you wanted Jim to say, you could submit your request, and whammo! you could then look forward to your personalized video from Jim.

We asked Jim to do a bunch of our favorite celebrity impressions, and dang it, he did exactly that in this video that is 52 seconds of complete awesome.

Kudos to our pal Brian who used his moment in the spotlight to have Jim take a nice little shot at us.

Hey Brian - well played, bro. Why didn't we think of that?

Don't worry - it's not like we're going to retaliate or anything.

We'd never do that!