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There’s a party, but you’re not invited

We've got some egg on our face today. It seems we had a party, and forgot to invite a bunch of people. But that's only because a bunch of people forgot to invite US!

Brian from Broken Headphones was there, wearing his trademark Corona visor, while Pat the Producer spun tunes on the wheels of steel. Cleveland rock and roll sensation Nicholas Megalis was out in the crowd, handing out glow sticks to everyone, a giant grin permanently plastered on his face throughout the evening.

The guest list was insane, and we'd like to tell you more, but we weren't there.

You see, we had talked about throwing a rager in Boston, but nobody ever bothered to tell us that details and a location had been confirmed. As a result, the damn originators of the idea to have said rager, were in Cleveland, with sad faces on display. We heard later that they even had milkshakes there. And girls on roller skates wearing plaid skirts.

As bummed out as we all were about missing such a great party, I have learned since then, that I actually missed something even better.

My good friend Zoul sent me this video of a recent wedding in St. Paul, MN. Not just any wedding, but the wedding to end all weddings. When you watch the video below, I think you'll agree with me that they musta gotten totally liquored up before this wedding. But on second thought, you're right - they're just high on life.

I'm kinda glad that I wasn't part of this particular wedding, because that would require me to have actual dance skills.

Yeah right.

  • Kristi

    Hahaha! Awesomeness all around.