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New sophomore release available now from Jets Overhead – Grab your seat!

If you're like us, you might have been rocking so hard this summer, that you could have missed the news that Victoria, BC quintet Jets Overhead released their second full-length, No Nations, on June 23 via Vapor Records (Neil Young's label, home of Everest, etc.) Sure, it was an innocent mistake, but it is one that you can take care of right now by picking up your very own copy of No Nations online and in-stores.


The soaring melodies and crisp earthy tones on No Nations anchor the breathy vocal interplay of the husband and wife duo of Adam Kittredge and Antonia Freybe-Smith. Guitarist Piers Henwood (a cousin of Kittredge), bassist Jocelyn Greenwood and drummer Luke Renshaw handily perform both the subtle and the eloquent on No Nations. Produced by Neil Osborne of 54*40, mixed by Malcolm Burn (Bob Dylan, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Talking Heads, Interpol, Modest Mouse), the atmosphere is layered with modern rock textures. Songs such as “I Should Be Born” and “Heading For Nowhere” carry the torch and continue to populate playlists across the nation including tastemaker stations such as KCRW in Los Angeles and WXPN in Philadelphia.

A broad consciousness navigates the artistry of Jets Overhead musically and visually. Known for their scenery driven videos, the band took an opportunity on a recent tour in China to shoot a clip for the title track. Directed by Caleb Beyers and shot in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, the visuals of the Far East provide a fitting compliment to the lyrical imagery of No Nations.

Jets Overhead - No Nations from Transmission2 on Vimeo.

No Nations is the follow-up to Jet Overhead’s acclaimed debut, Bridges, released in 2006, which earned the band a nomination for “New Group of the Year” at the 2007 JUNO Awards (Canada’s Grammy equivalent). It was with Bridges that Jets Overhead instituted a voluntary online purchase model (later used by Radiohead) whereby fans could download the entire record and choose the amount, if any, they would pay.

With the new album, the band took a slightly different approach and released a single song, the title track, free-of-charge at under a Creative Commons license. The license permits fans to use the music for any non-commercial purpose – remixing, web playlists, home videos, etc. This strategy echoes their collective vision of putting creative ideas into the air and letting them take their own flight.

On the tour front, Jets Overhead kicked off a series of shows to promote the new album at Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee (editor's note: I think I was hunting for a folding chair while they were playing,) and then showcased their hypnotic interplay in a packed, intimate room at the Hotel Café in L.A. An extensive fall tour of North America is being planned. Previously, the group has toured with Tegan & Sara, The Dandy Warhols, The Stills and Broken Social Scene.

Here's what a bunch of folks are saying about this album, including our pals at Citizen Dick, who gave the new album two thumbs way up!

* All – “No Nations, is a pleasant, gently trippy throwback to the '90s shoegaze scene filled with waves of guitars, dreamily hazy vocals, and sweetly sung melodies.”
* - “No Nations has a solid balance of fist pumping and navel gazing… an album that is worth your attention.”
* – “…ambient rock that effortlessly floats from the speakers.”
* – “…expect to be impressed with No Nations – an album that is getting better and better the more I play it.”
* – “Heading for Nowhere” is full of coma-inducing hooks and dreamtime lyrics.”

Additionally, you should check it out because we'll kick you in the face if you don't.

Okay, we're kidding.

Check out a free MP3 from No Nations, courtesy of Vapor Records and your mom!

Jet's Overhead - I Should Be Born