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Oh Buddyhead, how we missed thee!

Hey kids!

Sorry for the eerie sort of silence here for the past few days. I've been a tad busy once again going out to enjoy the occasional moment in the outside world.

Night life, I think they call it.

Although Brian from Broken Headphones would be quick to tell you that I haven't been enjoying too much of the night life.

My courteous (as usual) reply to Mr. Headphone would be something like:

"Shut up and bring us a review of Those Darlins at the Beachland already, slacker!"

I can't blame Brian for the way he interacts socially, because the poor old man uses old man words like "bupkis."

It is pretty funny though, because when he strings a bunch of them into one sentence, here is what my roommate looks like, a visual by the way that is very similar to the way he looked traveling in the front seat to and from Bonnaroo.


During my time away from the Vinyl headquarters, I got the opportunity to write a piece for the fine folks at Popdose, all about the new bacon cheesy potato burrito at Taco Bell.

I think I've already got another piece brewing....could this be the start of a long overdue new career writing about junk food? Time will tell.....

Anyway, here's a blast from the past for all of you that might remember - d'ya remember when Buddyhead was the place to go for all of the oh-my-god-I-can't-believe-they-just-said-that-on-the-internet gossip about your favorite rock and roll bands, and a bunch of the bands that you hated?

It seems that they went away for a while, something that I didn't notice, but I'm sure that a lot of their targets did.

And apparently, now they're back.

Rummaging through the gossip updates that I've missed, I especially enjoyed their open letter to Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron about the proposed Soundgarden reunion talk that is making the rounds. Oh sure, now they're saying that they're not talking about a "reunion," but we've heard THAT one before, right?

Dear Matt,

You told Travis not long ago that you read Buddyhead, so we hope this gets to you. You are our only hope against this travesty we keep hearing about called a Soundgarden ‘reunion’. Unfortunately, it seems that it may come true. Since you are already in a pretty successful band named Pearl Jam, we see no reason for you to partake in this nonsense. We won’t bother you with the obvious things Chris Cornell has done recently to wear the scarlet “P” for “Pussy”, but let us remind you of a little thing called the ‘bro code’, which we believe is applicable here.

The bro code clearly states, when your buddy bangs your girl, he must be destroyed and you can’t be cool with him again. Clearly, if your buddy runs a train on your girl with four total douche bags, this rule is multiplied. Chris is in violation of this. He has been going around performing Soundgarden songs for years now with four of the bigger dorks ever to grace a music stage. That, in essence, is running a train on the girl we will refer to as Soundgarden. It pains us to think either you, Ben, or Kim is cool with it. It doesn’t matter if Chris wrote those songs bro. Have you seen his ‘band’? He broke the code.

Oh sure, maybe Ben drank his fortune away and Kim squandered it all on hookers and beard coloring, but let us ask you: is that really your problem? That’s what’s you tell them is known as a “Y.P.” (aka “Your Problem”). Do us a favor, please stay in Pearl Jam and focus on making a better Pearl Jam album. Forget about this Soundgarden stuff. Work on getting Eddie down to his ideal weight too. Get him on the Subway Diet and hold letting him spread the cheddar so much. Maybe Pearl Jam can become the American version of Oasis and kick even more ass in the tail end if you work hard enough. Now sure, we know Pearl Jam has problems of it’s own, but at least Mike McCready was always a pussy, where as Chris Cornell was once a total badass rock god.

We write to you as huge Soundgarden fans. One might think that we would be excited at the possibility of a reunion. We are not. If someone didn’t get to see you crush Jesus Christ Pose 15 years ago, that’s his or her problem. Let it rest as one of the coolest bands of all time. You could be the only hope we have on this one. Don’t fuck up the legacy!


PS: Next time we’re in Seattle, it’s Millertime on your dime.

I know that you love the open letters as much as I do, so there you go!

In other news, in case you've been under a rock, here are the details on the new Pearl Jam album Backspacer. Of particular interest to vinyl lovers: The new album will be available on 180 gram vinyl from Ten Club with a 24 page booklet featuring art by cartoonist Tom Tomorrow. First single "The Fixer" makes its debut at radio on Monday, and is available as a white vinyl seven inch from Ten Club. Pre-order all of this stuff here.

That's all for now, folks - Chris Akin and I will be at Clay's Park on Friday night for Survivor and Dennis DeYoung. More to come!

  • Brian

    The only thing I am quick to tell you is that you are quick to pick up and leave before the main act even strums the first note.

    I am highly disgusted that you would not even give the girls an ATV ear for one song. Instead you said “I’m afraid I am going to like them too much.”

    I am not sure what you meant by that so maybe it was a good idea you left before you did something pantsless and scared the crowd, let alone, the Darlins.

    I can tell you this. It was a good show minus the beginning band practice and the Mazzy Ween-er.

    I’ll post something when I feel like it. You can then steal it and put it up on this site.

    Also, you should have put that pic that State Farm took of you next to the one I took of Adam above. That would be the perfect representation of you both for how the drive to Bonnaroo was …narcoleptic jerks…

  • Layla

    you’re roommate is cute.

    never heard of Buddyhead before this post….

    You’re a great writer, you could write about anything.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Thanks Layla! Your compliment means a lot!

    P.S. – I will try to ship my roommate to you.

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