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August Live Music Radness

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Cleveland Bachelor offers up his picks for a bunch of upcoming Cleveland rock shows that you won't want to miss!

P.S. - How did I miss the news that They Might Be Giants are performing the Flood album at their upcoming Beachland gig?

That is most certainly, completely rad!


Here we are, at the ass end of the middle month of summer. It is all downhill from here, and before you know it blizzards will keep us from hot dates and seasonal colds will knock us out for weeks at a time.

Until then, however, we rock. And the schedule for next month allows us to do so in style (as does an early look at the fall months). Here are the CB endorsed shows, in all their glory. And if you aren't good with clues, the bolded ones are the shows I am really looking forward to.


1 - Compound Fest (25 bands!) @ E 63 & St Clair.
1 - Zee Avi @ Beachland OR Compound Fest
2 - The Horse's Ha @ Beachland

5 - Chairlift/JJ Magazine @ Rock Hall (FREE) OR The Low Anthem @ Grog Shop
6 - Los Campesinos! @ Grog Shop
7 - Silversun Pickups @ Lakewood Civic Center OR Portugal. The Man @ Grog Shop
8 - Unsparing Sea/Joshua Jesty @ the Winchester
11 - Trouble Books @ Beachland
13 - The Lawton Brothers at Blue Arrow Records (FREE) OR This Moment in Black History @ Beachland
14 - Blue Oyster Cult @ House of Blues
16 - The Beach Boys (?!?) at Cain Park
19 - These United States @ Beachland
20 - Two Cow Garage @ Beachland
21 - Gin Blossoms/Tonic @ Cain Park OR Drug Rug/Afternoon Naps @ Beachland
23 - Cale Parks @ B-side
24 - Gringo Star/The Modern Electric @ Beachland
25 - de la soul @ House of Blues
26 - The Rural Alberta Advantage @ Beachland
28 - Cracker @ Beachland


6 - Dead Meadow @ Beachland OR Tony Furtado @ Waterloo Cafe
12 - Ramona Falls (Brent Knopf from Menomena) @ Beachland
13 - Ra Ra Riot/Maps & Atlases @ Grog Shop
17 - Autolux @ Beachland
14 - A Hawk & A Hacksaw @ Beachland
16 - Alice in Chains @ House of Blues
18 - Sondre Lerche @ Beachland
22- The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker @ Beachland
27 - Death @ Beachland
29 - Chain & the Gang @ Now That's Class
30 - Amazing Baby @ Beachland (Tavern side) OR Os Mutantes @ the Beachland (Ballroom side)


2 - Woven Hand @ Akron Musica
4 - Built to Spill @ Grog Shop
5 - Yo La Tengo @ Beachland

8 - Japandroids @ Now That's Class
11 - Asobi Seksu/Loney Dear @ Grog Shop OR The Black Angels/Disappears @ Beachland
15 - They Might Be Giants (special Flood show) @ Beachland
16 - Dr Dog @ Beachland
20 - St Vincent @ Beachland
23 - Captured! By Robots @ Grog Shop
24 - Drummer/Royal Bangs/Other Girls @ Beachland


20 - Dinosaur Jr (w/ Pink Mountaintops?) @ Grog Shop

That's it for now - feel free to add any others in the comments section!

Thanks CB!

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Since you went away, I’ve been hanging around…

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Thanks to AZ for pointing me towards musical proof that The Pet Shop Boys are still awesome in 2009.

As if we had any doubt.

But for the doubters and the haters, here is a 10 minute mix with lots of reminders to jog your memory!

Word is that their latest album Yes, is damn good stuff.  I've listened a couple of times, and haven't been blown away, but I'm going to keep listening...

For now, you should rock out like I did, with the very best of the Pet Shop Boys, compressed into this tiny convenient bite-sized package.  After that, pick yourself up a copy of Discography, one of the finest hits compilations ever released by any band, excluding Spinal Tap, of course.

But like Spinal Tap, this one goes to 11...


Track listing announced for new Foreigner album available 9/29 exclusively at Wal-Mart

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After taking a couple of baby steps into the recording studio with new lead singer Kelly Hansen last year, Foreigner released "Too Late," the first studio recording with Hansen on vocals, as part of the 2008 Foreigner anthology release No End In Sight:  The Very Best of Foreigner.

I had the pleasure of seeing the band live for the first time with Hansen (and former Dokken bass player Jeff Pilson)  that same year, and Hansen was excellent, and did a really nice job filling a tough pair of shoes, left vacant by former singer Lou Gramm.

Finally, fans will have a chance to get their hands on a brand new Foreigner album featuring both Hanson and Pilson, to be released on September 29th.

Foreigner joins the growing list of bands making the controversial decision to release a new album as a big box exclusive, with the announcement that Wal-Mart will be the exclusive retailer for their new release, titled Can't Slow Down.  The three disc package features an album of twelve new tracks, including a fresh version of "Fool For You Anyway," an album track staple originally featured on their 1977 self-titled debut with lead vocals from Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones.

"To me, the most important thing is that the band regains recognition again and proves in a way that it is a force. It's been around for 30 years, and there are few other bands that have been around for that long," said Jones, a founding member of the band. "I'd like to regain our position in that club."

Jones produced the new album, and brought in big gun producer Marti Fredriksen to help oversee the recording of Can't Slow Down, the first full-length Foreigner studio album in 15 years.

I'm stoked, and can't wait to hear the results.  Here's the full press release with the album tracklisting, and also a tracklisting for the second disc of remixed (yes, they are the original versions) hits.  Disc three is a recently recorded live DVD, but unfortunately, there's no track listing for that one yet.

Will this one sell a ton of units like the Journey Wal-Mart exclusive did?

I guess we'll find out soon enough!



Three-Disc Set Combines New Music With Album Of Remixed Hits And DVD

Legendary Group To Tour North America This Summer

LOS ANGELES -- Foreigner, one of the world's most popular and enduring rock bands, will release a new three-disc collection, including a CD album of all new music, a CD album of the band's original hit recordings, and a DVD of the band in concert and beyond. Foreigner's latest will be available from Rhino Entertainment September 29, exclusively through Walmart, for $12.00.

Twelve tracks on the new album are produced by Mick Jones and Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith and Buckcherry), with celebrated Grammy®-winning producer Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse) contributing the Mick Jones-penned "Fool For You Anyway." The title track, CAN'T SLOW DOWN, was written by Mick Jones, Kelly Hansen, and Marti Frederiksen as a tribute to NASCAR in celebration of Foreigner's appearance at the Samsung 500 at the Texas Motor Speedway earlier this year. NASCAR fans bought so many CDs that day that Foreigner's 2008 release No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner was propelled back into the Billboard Top 200. The collection's second disc contains 10 remixes by Marti Frederiksen and Anthony Focx of some of the band's most well known songs, including "Feels Like The First Time," "Cold As Ice," "Urgent," "Hot Blooded," and "I Want To Know What Love Is." The remixes bring a new energy and sound definition to these classic songs.

The DVD captures the band performing many of its hits live in 5.1 surround sound. The DVD also contains performances filmed during the band's recently completed European tour. Also featured is a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of CAN'T SLOW DOWN, from writing sessions in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles to the Walmart shareholders meeting where the exclusive partnership behind this project was finalized.

Foreigner has sold more than 70 million albums worldwide. The band will commence a 45-show headline trek across North America today.

Track Listing

Disc 1 -- New Album
1. "Can't Slow Down"
2. "In Pieces"
3. "Lonely"
4. "Give Me A Sign"
5. "Living In A Dream"
6. "When It Comes To Love" (Could Have Been You)
7. "I Can't Give Up"
8. "As Long As I Live"
9. "I'll Be Home Tonight"
10. "When I'm Ready"
11. "Angel Tonight"
12. "Fool For You Anyway"
13. "Too Late"

Disc 2 -- Remixes
1. "Feels Like the First Time"
2. "Cold As Ice"
3. "Urgent"
4. "Jukebox Hero"
5. "Blue Morning Blue Day"
6. "Dirty White Boy"
7. "Double Vision"
8. "Head Games"
9. "Hot Blooded"
10. "I Want To Know What Love Is"

Disc 3 -- DVD


30 Morristown, New Jersey
31 Atlantic City, New Jersey

1 Williamsburg, Virginia
2 Williamsburg, Virginia
4 Eaton, Ohio (Dayton)
5 Columbus, Ohio
6 West Allis, Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
8 Maumee, Ohio (Toledo)
9 Quapaw, Oklahoma
12 Sterling Heights, Michigan (Detroit)
14 Biloxi, Mississippi
15 Valdosta, Georgia
16 Orlando, Florida
19 Eugene, Oregon (Portland)
20 Lynden, Washington (Vancouver)
21 Chehalis, Washington
22 Redmond, Washington (Seattle)
25 Boise, Idaho
26 Lancaster, California (Los Angeles)
28 Lodi, California (Sacramento)
29 Cabazon, California (Palm Springs)
30 Thousand Oaks, California (Los Angeles)
31 Saratoga, California

3 Pueblo, Colorado (Colorado Springs)
4 Loveland, Colorado (Denver)
5 Huron, South Dakota (Sioux Falls)
6 Norfolk, Nebraska (Omaha)
17 Phoenix, Arizona
18 Prescott Valley, Arizona
19 Santa Fe, New Mexico
20 Mescalero, New Mexico (El Paso)
24 Frederick, Maryland (Washington DC)
25 Charleston, West Virginia
26 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
27 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania (Allentown)
29 Indiana, Pennsylvania

1 Westbury, New York (Long Island)
2 New York City
3 Lakewood, NJ
4 Torrington, Connecticut (Hartford)
6 Englewood, New Jersey
8 San Francisco, CA
10 Irvine, California (Orange County)


Stuff People Buy: Olivia Newton-John

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It's dirty secret reveal time here at ATV:

Actually, we might have talked about this before, but my brain is currently frozen from the lemon ice I just ate towards the end of the work day. We're about to say goodbye to our summer interns (hooray!) as we approach the end of summer, and our great bosses had the most excellent idea yesterday to hire one of those old-fashioned ice cream trucks to come by the office. It was pretty much the best day ever.

Until today. You've probably noticed the Amazon product links that pop up from time to time within the various blog posts here on ATV. Now here's the dirty little secret: When you purchase anything from Amazon, if the purchase click originates from one of our links, we make money!

For example, let's say that you click on the link for a Bruce Hornsby CD, and then actually purchase a copy of Reign In Blood by Slayer, ATV still wins!

We've made $4.41 in referral fees so far this month, so as much as I love my day job, I'm thinking that it's about time to go put in notice, because I think I've accumulated enough scratch to purchase a couple of chili-cheese burgers from Rally's.

Now we have arrived at the point of this post:

It's not the ATV recommended purchases that grab our eye, when we're looking through the reports, it is the items that are off the beaten path a bit, the ones that we didn't suggest, that are fun.

For example: I was all set to make fun of the purchase of Captivating: Unveiling The Mystery of a Woman's Soul, but then I realized a couple of things.

1. I actually want to go behind that curtain. Will I find answers that I don't already get by reading Narm's blog? Does Mel's post on 10 Really Stupid Things about Women cover it all, or do I still need to know more?

related question: did I just lose all of my female readership with parts of this question?

I thought about that for a second (Why hell-o, sly reference to The Men,) and then moved on to the next thing on my mind as I pondered making fun of the book:

2. Problem: I found out that the above book is actually Cleveland Bachelor's selection for our next book to read for book club. I can't knock CB's choice, because if I do, he'll start making fun of the stuff I post here on ATV.

So I kept looking at the report, and the perfect topic for today hit me right in the face, almost as if I had been punched in the face by a chick, actually.


Can you even believe that? We've talked about this before, but suddenly I had a new topic for a blog post that was a gift from God himself, way up there in the heavens. For one moment, he had stopped thinking about finding another sleazy club owner to send to Cleveland, and instead, thought about how he could help this little blog out.

Thanks God.

I wasn't even aware that this piece of video history was available for purchase!

First, let's look at the product description:

Olivia Newton-John dazzles the crowd with her high-energy performance live at Weber State University (Utah) October 12-13 1982, including such memorable hits as Xanadu, Physical, Deeper than the Night, and I Honestly Love You. A must have DVD for Olivia Newton-John fans everywhere! TRACKS: 1) Deeper than the Night; 2) Let Me Be There; 3) Please Mister Please; 4) If You Love Me, Let Me Know; 5) Jolene; 6) Sam; 7) Xanadu; 8) Magic; 9) Suddenly; 10) A Little More Love; 11) Silvery Rain; 12) Falling; 13) Heart Attack; 14) Make a Move on Me; 15) Hopelessly Devoted to You; 16) You're the One that I Wanted; 17) Physical; 18) I Honestly Love You. ++++ DVD FEATURES: This officially licensed release from South Korea is NTSC Code 0 (will play worldwide) with 4:3 Full Screen display, both DTS 5.1 Surround Sound and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound in ENGLISH with optional (removable) English or Korean subtitles.

Man, I am ordering this DVD today! Be forewarned, when this baby shows up, I will be blasting "Xanadu" at top volume with the Korean subtitles turned up really loud. Can you turn up subtitles? Never mind.

Let's look at a few reviews of this puppy. First, let's find the inevitable "this really sucks" review, and oh yeah, here it is!

This DVD ended up being a BOOTLEG and had a horrible picture and NO sound!!! Beware of this seller - I got ripped off!

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to some serious fan reviews. And by "serious fan reviews," I actually mean reviews from fans that might be as obsessive, or slightly more obsessive than Duran Duran fans. I won't link the DD post - you all know the one I'm talking about now.

Bill sez:

this is my #2 newton-john dvd. #1 is xanadu. this dvd was of a college campus performance, and therefore not up to the recording standards of b spears las vegas concert. but it is newton-john of xanadu and greease time-frame.

Keep this in mind folks - if it was recorded live at a college campus, it sucks. But also remember, that we're talking about Olivia Newton-John of "Greease time-frame."

Now, let's check out some trivia about this particular performance, courtesy of William:

An interesting side note is that Olivia was on a national tour and the stop in Ogden Utah was not long after most of the radio stations in Salt Lake City had banned "Lets Get Physical." Part of the opening sequence of the show projected newspaper headlines about the ban on a giant walk through screen. When she stepped through that scene her fans showed the stations what they thought of the record ban and cheered her on.

Yeah man, you should have seen the moment when future Chart Attack king Jason Hare and his fellow ONJ worshippers stood up to give the hot pink headband wearing Jazzercise doin' number one salute to those radio stations. It was a moment that until now, hasn't ever been recreated. But on Friday in fact, many of those very same people will pay tribute to this special night described above, by attending a 2009 concert performance by 80s heartthrob Jack Wagner.

Fun fact: Dude has Heather Locklear staying at his house. Respect.

William goes on to reveal some technical specifications about this DVD:

Be aware that this is a Korean produced DVD and the quality is not as good as it could be. One reviewer commented on the sound reflecting the acoustic quality of the 80's. Actually I think the quality of the sound is more of a manufacturing issue than the live recording. This concert recording was done by Home Box Office and shown on their cable network soon after the concert. The sound was great in that version. Too bad they don't release a DVD themselves (are you listening HBO?)


Another issue with the Korean version is that they cut out the entire opening sequence for the show. But don't let that stop you from buying. Since this is the only version of this concert available I recommend going for it. It's great fun and seeing Olivia sing most of her hits is enjoyable. By the way, she had a bad sore throat that night but you would never know it from her performance.

I totally understand what he's getting at above. That's a total professional, one that can battle through even a mild case of malaria to deliver the goods to an audience of overly adoring fans. For some reason, moments like this always makes me remember how surprised I was to find out that Paul McCartney's "Ode to a Koala Bear" was not a number one single.

So how about some video, huh?

Let's get to it!

If I were to re-shoot the above video today, the entire band would be playing keytars.

Okay, one more review bit, this time from Bubbles:

I saw this concert on tv when I was in my teens and as a huge ONJ, I loved it. As an adult, watching this DVD, I still love it. I felt as though I was in my teens again. The songs are great, Olivia looked and sounded fantastic. The only thing that I was disappointed about then and now is that when she sings You're the One that I Want (from Grease), it is not with John Travolta. The guy that she sings it with is just ok but I don't care for him too much. Specifically, not for that song. He's talented but he's not John. This is a great DVD, however, the subtitles can get a bit annoying. Fortunately, I have been able to look past them.

Whoa. Hold the chalupa.

You're telling me that Travolta didn't show up for every ONJ tour date in the 80s?

That is a damn outrage.

I might just watch old Donny Osmond videos instead.

Sing it with me!

Like a thief in the night, who can't get enough,
I am willing to fight,
'cause I'm a soldier of love.
Like a shot in the dark when the going gets rough,
I'ts a state of the heart
when you're a soldier of love.

I feel rejuvenated and ready to take a chance again.

I'm going to buy this DVD, and watch it this weekend as a double header back to back with Stevie Nicks: Live at Red Rocks.


Who's with me?

Hey, where are you guys going?


DXism – Danzig

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A continuing series of helpful advice, humorous observations, questions about life, and obscure movie quotes and musical references, as posted by Scene Magazine staff writer D.X. Ferris on Twitter. Follow @dxferris for daily doses of the magic.

Today's DXism:

Twist of Cain Park: Cleveland's finest summertime tribute to the dark genius of Glenn Danzig. Admission is free... but will you make it out?

alternate idea:

"Dirty Black Summer: Cleveland's finest folk musicians pay tribute to Danzig at scenic (Twist of) Cain Park." This also is fake.

Bonus helpful advice:

One way to mess with cell-phone yakkers: Blast 'em with air horn. Actually, it works w/ anybody. Especially at work. They never expect it.



Pixies announce U.S. “Doolittle” tour dates

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Thanks to Annie Zaleski for passing along this super-rad tour news!

Unfortunately, no Pixies date for Cleveland means that if you want to see this, you're going to be road-tripping!

But hey, road trips are always awesome!



LOS ANGELES, CA - July 28, 2009 -- Europe may get them first, but the Pixies will tour the USA late this year.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of their classic 1989 album Doolittle, the band - Black Francis, Kim Deal, Joey Santiago and David Lovering - will kick off the very special US "Doolittle Tour" at the Palladium in Los Angeles on Wednesday, November 4. The U.S. tour will hit a total of nine cities, including three dates in New York City. Ticket prices and on-sale dates will vary city to city, but some tickets go on sale as early as this Saturday, August 1 and can be purchased at the venues' box offices or online at See below for full itinerary and on-sale information.

On this tour, the Pixies will perform all of the songs from Doolittle and its related B-sides, "Weird at My School," "Dancing the Manta Ray," and "Bailey's Walk" among them. Doolittle, the band's third album and the first to chart on Billboard's album charts, includes classics such as "Debaser," "Wave of Mutilation," "Here Comes Your Man," "Hey," and "Gouge Away."

"We wanted to do something special for Doolittle's 20th anniversary," said Black Francis, "and we thought his was a good opportunity to play all of the songs from that album, something we don't normally do at a regular gig."

With the first date in the UK still three months away, the band is brainstorming on Doolittle-related surprises that will also comprise the nights' entertainment.

The U.S. dates will follow the seven-city/12-date "Doolittle" trek of the UK and Europe. Kicking off on September 30 in Dublin, most dates have already sold out, including a four-night stand at London's Brixton Academy, where some 20,000 tickets vanished in about an hour. In addition, on August 29, the band will perform a straight-ahead Pixies set of their classic songs spanning their entire career at the Virgin Festival at Burl's Creek Park outside of Toronto.

The Boston-formed Pixies have been acclaimed as the most influential pioneering band of the late 80s alt/rock movement. Their five studio releases and six years together effectively blazed the path for groups like Nirvana, Radiohead and Pearl Jam to rise to superstardom. They disbanded in 1993 and launched their reunion tour in April, 2004 when virtually every, single date sold out within minutes and fans traveled hundred of miles to attend a show. In post-Pixies years, Black Francis has enjoyed a successful solo career as Frank Black, Kim Deal went on to form the Platinum-selling band the Breeders, Joey Santiago started the band The Martinis and has carved a career as a music composer for film and TV, and David Lovering performs as a magician and continues to drum. The US "Doolittle Tour" will be the band's first American trek since 2005.

The "Doolittle Tour" will coincide with the release of the ultimate Pixies Collector's Set, Minotaur, which ships to purchasers in early October and will hit stores around the same time. To find out more about Minotaur, log onto

Dates and on sale info for the Pixies US "Doolittle Tour" are as follows:

4 The Palladium, Los Angeles, CA - on sale TBA
8 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA - on sale August 16
9 Fox Theater, Oakland, CA - on sale August 16
12 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA - on sale August 1
13 Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA - on sale August 1
14 Hult Center, Eugene, OR - on sale August 14
16 The Fillmore, Denver, CO - on sale September 12
20 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL - on sale September 12
21 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL - on sale September 12
23 Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY - on sale August 14
24 Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY - on sale August 14
25 Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY - on sale August 14
27 Wang Center, Boston, MA - on sale September 12
30 Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C. - on sale September 11

Pixies V Festival and UK/European "Doolittle Tour" dates are:

29 V Festival, Burl's Creek Park, Ontario, Canada

30 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland - SOLD OUT

1 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland SOLD OUT
2 Olympia, Dublin, Ireland SOLD OUT
4 SECC - Hall 4, Glasgow, Scotland
6 Brixton Academy, London, England SOLD OUT
7 Brixton Academy, London, England SOLD OUT
8 Brixton Academy, London, England SOLD OUT
9 Brixton Academy, London, England SOLD OUT
11 Jahrhunderhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
13 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland
14 Forest National, Brussels, Belgium SOLD OUT
15 Zenith, Paris, France
16 Zenith, Paris, France


Cage Match: Marcy Playground vs. Jars of Clay

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Cage Match board member D.X. Ferris emailed in with this week's matchup a few weeks back.

Short, sweet, and to the point, here's how the exchange went:

subject line: matchup idea: marcy playground vs. jars of clay

I write back, "What tunes?"

"Do they have more than one each?"

Poor Marcy Playground. Always a punchline in my world, and it's usually me delivering the joke.

For once though, it was someone else which allowed me to feel better about myself, and also let you know that Marcy Playground has an upcoming show booked at the Roc Bar here in Cleveland. The band is booked for a September 12th date with excellent Cleveland locals Redwater Rojo supporting.

We're pretty sure that "Sex & Candy" will be on the setlist. Is there anyone that didn't hear this song in the 90s?

Marcy Playground are touring behind their new album Leaving Wonderland...In A Fit of Rage, and will be in Charlottesville, VA next week to record a radio session for my buddy Brad Savage and the rest of the fine folks at 106.1 The Corner.

The band performs an acoustic version of our first contender during a March promotional appearance in Calgary.

Jars of Clay.

Holy rollers, as my pal Chris Akin might have called them at the time that this next song was popular.

Call me crazy, but I've always thought that "Flood" was the Christian rock answer to "500 Miles" by The Proclaimers. They both have the same type of rhythm anyway, and a tempo that makes you want to march like a good little Cub Scout, in time with the music coming out of your radio.

I always liked this tune, and as it happens, Jars of Clay also have a new album available, called The Long Fall Back to Earth.

Ouch, that hurt!

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and tell us - What's your favorite tune? Marcy Playground or Jars of Clay?


Living in future’s past.

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My two sons now have iPods. For their birthdays this year they each got one, a Nano for the older boy and a Shuffle for the younger. But, neither have purchased or downloaded any music for themselves and honestly, I’m not even sure if they would know how to. It’s not that I’m controlling their music, but it seems neither wants to be bothered…they just want to listen. So each is stocked with what’s been chart popular the past few years and I leave it at that.

It got me thinking about when I was their ages, 11 and 9 respectively, and how I listened to music. I’m pretty sure at that age I was still listening to the AM Radio (WABC most likely when it was top 40 and not talk) but I also had already purchased a fair amount of music.

I remember trips to department stores like Two Guys, Caldor and Woolworths, where I would go to the music department and spent what little money I had on 45s. Back in the day, stores usually had a spot where the top 100 singles usually resided and I would grab whatever I could afford. Just recently I found a box of these singles and had to laugh at some of what I bought at the time: “Undercover Angel,” “Can’t Smile Without You,” “Laughter In The Rain.” It’s probably not as funny that I have all of those guilty pleasures in my MP3 collection. I actually was starting to sweat thinking that I would come across “Afternoon Delight” or “Muskrat Love.”

I wanted to hear some songs so badly that I would sit and wait next to the radio with a cassette recorder, ready to pounce and when all was done, listen to this gloriously lo-fi copy. I wish I still had those tapes of the times when I was recording “Come Sail Away” and the dog would bark or “Sweet Talking Woman” and my Mother would come into my room and start yapping away about homework. I eventually learned to start recording songs when Casey Kasem would count down the hits every week, where at least finding songs were a little more predictable. Now, perfect copies of just about any song are a simple Google search away.

I did own a few albums too, most likely K-Tel compilations but I’m pretty sure the first actual slab of vinyl I bought for myself was either “Bat Out Of Hell” or “Kiss Alive.” “Frampton Comes Alive” might have figured in there too. I distinctly remember owning the Beatles “Red” and “Blue” collections on 8-Track. For the time, 45s were still it for me.

As I got older, 45 buying pretty much stopped other than imports I would buy at a place called Sound Exchange in Wayne, NJ. I was always fascinated by the non-album B-sides that were on singles from the UK and Japan. Even then, it wasn’t so much the 7” 45 single I was buying but the 12” Maxi-singles.

Now singles exist in the weird vacuum of i-Tunes, where discovery is made virally by YouTube or the bedded music of video games. My kids could care less about radio or even video channels. Most of their music knowledge comes from Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel (or from myself and what’s played in the car). At no time does either specifically seek something out and I just find that so odd.

I guess thanks to Slacker and XM, I don’t really seek much out myself these days either and have become quite content in living retro-actively. I wonder what my kids then will listen to in 30 years. The mind reels…

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The Monday Morning Mix – Cause = Time – 7/27/09

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Graphic by Rachael Novak

Click here for details on how you can be a part of The Monday Morning Mix and win some cool stuff!

We've got some great mixes in hand and on the way - where is yours?

About Today's Mix:

Today's scene starts with Brian snickering at me as I look back at him and ask what is so funny?

"You just called it Sensory Alien AGAIN."

"What is it?"

"Sensory Overload."


José and Kelly from Sensory Overload are two of my favorite folks on the internet, fellow Clevelanders, and always a great pair to hang out with. After a ginormous Cleveland blogger meetup last fall, a group of us continued to meet occasionally for food, music, and conversation. This series of get-togethers helped to melt the ice a bit on an otherwise typically chilly Cleveland winter, and also helped to bring me that much further out of my semi-reclusive hole.

Kelly got in touch with me to let me know that she had a mix for this series, and I was happy to get my hands on it when it showed up at the P.O. Box. What a great listen - I loved it, and I'm sure you will too.

Here's a quick intro from Kelly to set it up, and we'll be off and on our way!

This mix is simply a cohesive collection of some of my most favorite songs from the last 6+ years. The recurring theme of the mix is the ups and downs of love set to glitchy, blurry, and sometimes haunting melodies. Enjoy*

Track Listing:

Download complete mix (link is good for one week only)

1. Always - Rilo Kiley - from The Initial Friend EP
2. Faking the Books - Lali Puna - from Faking the Books
3. The 15th - Fischerspooner - from #1
4. I'm On Standby - Grandaddy - from Sumday
5. Cause=Time - Broken Social Scene - from Broken Social Scene
6. Sometimes - My Bloody Valentine - from Loveless
7. Black Cat - Broadcast - from Tender Buttons
8. Through the Backyards - Au Revoir Simone - from Verses of Comfort, Assurance and Salvation
9. Tom's Diner (remix) - Suzanne Vega featuring DNA - from Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega
10. Fall From Grace - Gentle Waves - from Pumpkin OST
11. Untitled - Interpol - from Turn on the Bright Lights
12. Our Hell - Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - from Knives Don't Have Your Back
13. Maybe Not - Cat Power - from You Are Free
14. Honey Honey - Feist - from The Reminder
15. Love Song (Cure cover) - Tori Amos - from Rarities
16. The One I Love - Sufjan Stevens - from Live at SXSW
17. There Is a Light - Great Lake Swimmers - from Ongiara
18. Waitin' For A Superman - Iron And Wine - from Around The Well


The Cleveland Bachelor’s Show of the Week – Week of 7/27/09

Written by:

Welcome to a new feature on Addicted to Vinyl - the Cleveland Bachelor Show of the Week!

The Cleveland Bachelor. Those three words strike fear into the hearts of women, men, children, and small farm animals everywhere. But damn, we love to read his blog here at Addicted to Vinyl. What do you mean he's not already in your RSS reader, or saved in your bookmarked favorite sites? Let's fix that right now.

I've been enjoying CB's "what to do with your week" posts that he posts on his blog for quite a while now, and had the idea that he might be interested in spotlighting a show (or two) for us here each week.

I was shocked to find out that he thought the idea had legs, and he was up for it. Which brings us to CB's first post. I'll highlight additional items of note at the end of each week's post, followed by a link to CB's complete rundown of events for the week.

Without further ado, here is CB!

Greetings new ATV friends! I don't know about you, but I've always called Addicted to Vinyl "ATV" in my head, primarily because it makes me think of all-terrain vehicles, and if there is anything we know about our friend Matt, he gets around (and around and around).

In all seriousness, I'm happy and honored to be a new part of the ATV family (choose your own acronym). Each week I'll be highlighting what I feel is the best live music event of the week in the Cleveland area. Obviously there will be disagreements along the way, which is why God made comment sections.

Besides, we gotta have a little diversity, right? Otherwise, Matt would be suggesting weekly trips to nothing but that Springsteen tribute act that plays Wednesday evenings at that joint down the interstate over near the outlet mall. (Kidding, Matt - I made that up.)


For my inaugural effort, I'd like to throw a little sunshine at this Friday's show at the Grog Shop.

Seattle's mid-90s hit machine The Presidents of the United States of America (or PUSA, as they refer to themselves) will be making a triumphant return to the Cleveland stage. Best known for a pair of mega-hits ("Lump" and "Peaches") off their self-titled 1995 debut album, PUSA might be the only band in the world to share the dual honor of inspiring a Weird Al Yankovic parody cover (1996's "Gump") and earning a featured role on a music-themed video game (2008's Rock Band 2).

Since that magical debut album, the band has traveled the world trying to recapture lightning in the bottle, and while they've never quite moved past the sophomore slump, they have had some crazy experiences along the way, from playing live on Mount Rushmore to a short-lived partnership with Sir Mix-a-Lot to recording the theme song "Cleveland Rocks" for The Drew Carey Show (possibly the most meaningful accomplishment on the band's extensive resume for the hometown readership of this blog).


From all accounts, the band's infrequent live shows have been fantastic, a combination of running through the hits while stretching things out sonically, as the band continues to experiment with different sounds and styles (including the apparently ever-present temptation of hip hop). Buttressing this particular show is a killer opening act, local multi-media artist Leia Alligator and her Picklefight! puppetry. Ms. Alligator is as hilarious with her scripting as she is talented with her singing, and promises to be a delightful warm-up to any and all PUSA fans who get to the Grog early.

Some more stuff that you don't want to miss:

Thursday, 7/30
- Check out the BBQ party at Blue Arrow Records! This has gotta be the event I'm looking forward to the most this week, not only because it is free, but because of the featured in-stores by a pair of new and exciting bands, Founding Fathers and Casual Encounters. The party starts at 6 and the music kicks off around 8.


Friday, 7/31
- Local rockers Mystery of Two have an album release show at the Beachland, with support coming from Cleveland's 21st Century version of Courtney Love and Hole, Hot Cha Cha.

Also on Friday night, Cleveland shredders The Suede Brothers are playing a CD release show for their long awaited new CD called Ill New You. They'll celebrate the new disc with a pair of shows starting on Friday night at The Matinee in Ohio City, and moving the next night down the road a bit to Akron for a show at Annabell's. Mark your calendar for October 24th when The Suede Brothers will open a stoner rock dream double bill at Now That's Class featuring The Suede Bros and stoner legends Karma To Burn!

Saturday, 8/1 - For me (this is Matt speaking here,) the Jehova Waitresses were one of my favorite Cleveland local bands during the 90s. Thanks to local alternative rock station 107.9 The End, the Waitresses even got some regular rotation airplay with "Red Sunsets (Since You've Been Gone,) before principal members Kevin and Linda Roy packed their bags and headed for New Jersey in the mid-90s.

They've never really called it quits, and have been doing some new recording in recent months. Jehova Waitresses will return home to Cleveland for their first hometown show in ages at the Grog Shop, with the promise of special guests and other surprises. We can't wait!

P.S. - Post-show, the band will be on Radio 92.3's Inner Sanctum on Sunday, August 2nd at 10pm, playing live with old friends The Waynes.

Click here to read CB's complete list of recommended events for the week ahead!

And as mentioned earlier, if you've got a noteworthy show to mention, leave it in the comments section below!