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Cage Match: The Boss vs. The Purple One

I had a Cage Match picked out for today, and while you're waiting for me to tell you what it is, I will quickly reply to let you know that I will hold on to that info, and you'll find out more on another Tuesday.

Instead, Cage Match VP of operations Michael suggested a battle for this week with a car theme.

In this corner, we've got our good friend "The Boss," better known to all of you rookies as Bruce Springsteen.

Now, Bruce and I just hung out a couple of weeks ago at Bonnaroo, and during all of the time that we spent together, I can't believe that he didn't suggest this Cage Match track that we're about to talk about. It just didn't come up. We were talking about a few subjects, including the second volume of Tracks, and also the third and currently unreleased album in the previously unknown Human Touch/Lucky Town/Smell This trilogy, as recorded in the early 90s by Bruce and the "other band."

Similar to George Lucas, Bruce revealed to me his plans to record "pre-quels" to those three albums, set for release in 2010, 2011, and 2012. The albums will be recorded simultaneously, and a deluxe edition of Smell This with bonus tracks and also a bonus DVD on the making of the album will be released in early 2010 prior to the release of the prequel albums.

When Bruce figured out that I was backstage actually trying to perforate Patti's eardrum, he got a little bit mad, and I figured it was probably best to pick up our conversation on another day. But man, what an amazing weekend. I'm bummed that my blogging Bonnaroo comrade Brian missed that moment.

Anyway, one of the early musical quests for me as a music fan, had me hunting for a CD copy of the elusive Springsteen B-side "Pink Cadillac," which is most certainly one of the most bad ass and well known Springsteen songs to NEVER be a single.

Well, that's not completely true.

After beginning life as a B-side to Springsteen's smash single "Dancing In The Dark" in 1984, the track would be reborn four years later on the Billboard charts, but not quite in the way that you're expecting.

Soulstress Natalie Cole, in the midst of a comeback swing, landed a Top 5 smash with her own version of "Pink Cadillac" in 1988. So in the end, Springsteen wins because he still got paid, right?

We'll come back to Natalie with a future Cage Match, I promise you - we're not done with her, not by a long shot.

Although she's not returning my phone calls, so I'm pretty sure she is done with me. Oh well.

Back to Springsteen - here's another nugget for you all - Apparently AOL banned quotation of the lyrics in a Springsteen discussion group in 2001, because they felt the lyrics were too suggestive. If you were one of the affected in this situation, well that is your own fault for still being an AOL user in 2001. Come over to my house, and I'll show you what the real internet looks like, and how much faster it is.

I finally found my CD copy of "Pink Cadillac" via a 3-inch CD single import issued in Holland for "Spare Parts." And then my man Bruce put it out on Tracks. This musical smack in the face that came shortly after the taste of victory has happened time and time again since that purchase. It's cool. You get numb to the feeling as a professional music fan after a while. That's why we're cool with buying multiple versions of the same album over and over again.

Actually, now that I think about it, being a Star Wars fan might be part of what helps me out, personally.

Now, in the other corner, we've got "The Purple One." "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince and Now These Days As Far As I Can Tell, Known As Prince Once Again."

I feel pretty cool these days, because I know someone that lives near Paisley Park, the longtime Minneapolis area nerve center for all things Prince. It's one step away from being able to say that I frikkin' know Prince, and that he's a bro of mine. Someday. And perhaps we'll play basketball with the Revolution.

by classics007

I first saw the video for "Little Red Corvette" on Friday Night Videos, another episode of musical discovery during my early MTV-less existence as a kid.

Tell me that this doesn't bring back some memories..

What I didn't know, was that Friday Night Videos was on the air until 2002?

I was long gone by then.

"Little Red Corvette" captured my little rock and roll heart, and I had to hear more by this Prince fellow. I wouldn't have long to wait, because he was about to blow my mind with the release of Purple Rain in 1984, an album that turns 25 this year, by the way.

Check out the current issue of Spin Magazine for an in-depth look at the 25th anniversary of Purple Rain, and also a free Purple Rain tribute download featuring cover versions of each and every track on the album.

Before you get lost reading that, do tell me: Bruce Springsteen or Prince - what is your pick?

  • Michael

    Pete might fire me, but “Little Red Corvette” wins it hands down. “Pink Cadillac” is a good tune, but “Little Red Corvette” is a classic. Hear the opening chord and you immediately see the purple aura of the video…

  • Dave Lifton

    Congrats, Matt. You finally came up with a Cage Match that wasn’t one-sided or a hope that both fighers would slapfight themselves to death.

    And, much as it may be a shock, but I’m with Michael on this one. In the car-as-metaphor-for-sex category, nothing tops Little Red Corvette.

  • Jeanne

    Little Red Corvette hands down!!!

  • Pete

    The cars in those songs were metaphors for sex??? Nobody tells me anything.

    Have to pick Bruce out of loyalty … But I admit that LRC is much more iconic.

  • ferris

    That FNV video intro was frickin’ awesome. Got my blood pumping.

    I’d normally vote Bruce, though Prince could take him on the basketball court.

    But “Little Red Corvette” is a better car song.

    Tangent from there: For my money, “Mustang Sally” is the worst song ever. Doesn’t matter who’s doing it.

  • Gail

    I’ve been a Bruce fan since Darkness, and “Pink Cadillac” is one of my favorites to hear live, and it’s a playful-sexy song, but “Little Red Corvette” is just pure sex…

  • Kristi

    “Pink Cadillac” is a great song, but I gotta go with “Little Red Corvette” on this one. Gotta. :)

  • Dave Lifton

    You’re such a homer, Kristi.

  • Jackie

    Color me conformity, but I have to agree 100% – in fact, truth be told, I never really liked “Pink Cadillac”….. “Little Red Corvette” is one of the coolest songs EVER. Good match!

    (P.S. I also know someone who lives near Paisley Park….maybe we can have lunch sometime and wait for His Purpleness to show up.)

  • Sans Direction

    Pink Cadillacs are for Mary Kay reps who had a good year. Little Red Corvettes were created because the hot little rally cars of Europe, the MGBs and such, were not coming here. That’s not a fair handicap. It’s not even Bruce’s best car song.

    “Little Red Corvette” for the win.

  • Pete I

    I’m in the Purple corner here… “Little Red Corvette” hands down. Throw the extended version into the ring and it’s really no contest. Mayday. MAYDAY!

    I’m glad my Mom and Dad never entered the room when I was perfecting Prince’s side shuffle & splits in the video. Perfecting is probably the wrong word.

  • Matt Wardlaw

    Pete – “perfecting the side shuffle and splits.”

    Awesome. Haha. I got busted doing similar with my imaginary microphone. Dang it.

  • Craig

    My Mom busted me playing my Purple Rain album backwards. She literally smacked me over the head with the record!

    I wasn’t playing Darling Nicki backwards either. Try the beginning of Computer Blue. :)

    Prince wins this one, forwards and backwards!

  • mycool44

    Some songs are so played out that when you hear them today, they don’t even register. They go right through you. “Little Red Corvette” is one of those songs. However, I remember how cool it was back in ’83. I lost my innocence when I first heard the line “Trojans and some of them used”. Nice. “Dad, what are used Trojans?” I like Bruce’s “Pink Cadillac” as well – and let’s be honest – If “Pink Cadillac” was Prince’s song, the “Cadillac” would be a metaphor for a woman’s body part. Who’s with me? No one? Okay. By the way, Apollonia is getting set to do a radio tour with our company (she must be a limousine) and she tells me she’ ll be attending tomorrow’s Michael Jackson memorial with Prince. Now there’s a real-life cage match I’d like to see. Prince for the win.

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