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The Monday Morning Mix – 40 Summers Past ’69 – 6/29/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Today's Monday Morning Mix comes straight from our very own Mel! With 4th of July happening this week, I thought that this week might be a good time to drop a nice summertime mix. I got in touch with The Melness, and she agreed that she could put something worthy together.

Ah, summer. I love rolling down the windows and cranking my ridiculous playlists. Or a Basement Jaxx CD. I'll stick with the ridiculous for your Monday.

That being said, in honor of the official beginning of the summer, with a particular dedication to 4th of July about to mark our calendars, here is my Monday (It’s Still Very Morning to Me) Mixtape:

40 Summers Past '69 (download)

1. Summertime – Wiley (Crookers Remix) - from the single Summertime Part 2 – You just sat in the driver’s seat, ready to hit the road for a four-hour road trip warrior weekend. You need to start that drive off right – a wonky Crookers dance remix. Three shots of espresso are optional. The next rest stop is 48 miles away.

2. We Used to Vacation – Cold War Kids (Daytrotter version, I love) – But because I cannot drink anymore (and partially because I spent my savings on booze for the last five years), we will not be traveling to the beach this year. It’s a Stay-cation summer, kids!

3. I Come From the Water – The Toadies - from the album Rubberneck – I came from the water. I intend to not drown myself in the water on any of my summer weekends of which I may fall off a boat or a jet ski after suffering from waves of “heat exhaustion.” And damn, that sand does go on forever, doesn’t it? Especially when it gets washed into your swimsuit bottoms.

4. Back Porch – Presidents of the United States of America - from the album The Presidents of the United States of America – If you got a front porch, you can bring your one- or two- or no-string too.

5. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes - from the album Violent Femmes – I always forget my SPF45 on my nose and scalp. And I get these funky streaks on my back. Big hands I know you're the one!

6. Fantastic Voyage – Coolio - from the album It Takes A Thief – C’mon all let’s get inside. I got a Ford, not a convertible or a broad. We can ride with the doors open on the side road. And I'll stop rapping now...

7. Cruel Summer – Bananarama - from the album Bananarama – Summer is truly cruel when August creeps up. Then, you enjoy more “bars with air conditioning” than “bars with patios.”

8. Summer of 69 – Bryan Adams - from the album Reckless. You seriously didn't know that? – I imagine ’69 was a good summer. It will also be a great one for the 69-year-old karaoke show-offs this weekend. Cougar. Rawr!

9. Hot in the City – Billy Idol - from the album Billy Idol – Damn. I can’t take it over 80 degrees. Move over. You’re too sticky.

10. 4th of July – Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers - from the album Glassjaw Boxer – Scene: Mel is driving. Playing around on her iPod, finding good songs to add to the Monday Morning Mixtape v. ‘69 Summer. Boyfriend plugs in his iPod and declares shuffle war. A great song by an unknown band plays. Mel likes. Then shrieks of delight upon the singing of the chorus, “How appropriate for my mix!” And then, it was added.

11. The Boys of Summer – Don Henley - from the album Building The Perfect Beast – I love these boys of summer. And Spring. You can take the Boys of Winter. They have too many clothes on for my liking. But that’s neither here nor there.

12. Sunshine of Your Love – Cream – from the album Disraeli Gears - I’ve been waiting so long… I’ve been waiting so long… Ladies & Gentlemen, break out the air guitars.

13. Summer in the City – Lovin’ Spoonful - from the album Hums of the Lovin' Spoonful – Or your air keyboards, if you are so inclined.

14. Saturday in the Park – Chicago - from the album Chicago V – It’s such a cliché song selection to end the mix, no? But you know it’s perfect. Where is that man selling ice cream?