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Going home + things to see and do

I'm on my way out of town to clear my head, and I'll be remembering an old friend as I travel across the miles, while listening to some of my favorite music turned up nice and loud. The ultimate tribute in my book, from one music lover to another.

I'm going home this weekend to Joliet, IL, a trip that was previously planned prior to last weekend's tragic events. I've got the usual Motel 6 room booked, which I'm sure will make Brian at Broken Headphones snicker. Fair enough.

It might seem strange to call somewhere that you spent a mere two years "home," but that's the impact that that Joliet had on me personally. We lived in a majestic old house, in a wonderful city, and at the time, I couldn't have guessed how much I would love it. We had a wonderful group of friends, and though I won't see any of them on this particular trip, it's always somehow comforting just to be back in the old zip code.

And this weekend, I'm needing lots of that.

In the meantime, back here in Cleveland, I have a couple of things to recommend:

1. Go see The Church at The Beachland Ballroom tonight. I can't even believe that I'm missing The Church again. They are still on my list of bands that I haven't seen, and apparently will continue to hang out on that list. The Beachland have reaaallly kicked their blogging into gear with a ton of posts, and oh my God, they put ATV on their blogroll. I was totally geeked out when I saw that! I'm still a fanboy at heart. I think that comes through....

2. Waterloo Arts Fest is tomorrow. Go! go! go! My friend (ahem,) the Cleveland Bachelor, has a huge ass rundown of his picks of things to do and see at The Waterloo Arts Fest. Which brings us to...

3. The Cleveland Bachelor/Low Life Gallery This Is Cleveland (All The Stuff I See) Closing Party. The hootenanny kicks off tomorrow night right around the time that Waterloo Arts Fest will be wrapping up. Hit up CB for the details, and if you see him, give him a big hug from me. He'll be confused initially, but I promise you, he'll like it. Especially if you're hot.

Lets talk later, okay?

  • CB

    Thank you, Matt. Have a good trip.

  • CB

    See ya next fall. (Ha ha. Get it?)

  • Brian

    Enjoy yourself.

    For those of you who might wonder why I snicker at hearing the name Motel 6…