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The Monday Morning Mix – After The ‘Roo – The Collapsible Chair Edition – 6/15/09


Graphic by Rachael Novak

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About Today's Mix:

Editor's note: We're back from Bonnaroo. At least Brian and Adam are. I'm spending one more day, this time in Columbus, OH, for Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood.

Here's Brian's post-Bonnaroo mix with a bunch of things that may or may not have happened during our trip.

After The ‘Roo w/ Empty Wallets And Sunburned Faces Mix (Download - link will be good for one week)

Dinosaur Jr. – “Going Home” - from the album Where You Been

What a great time we had. The sun is still out as Phish is closing the festival. We luckily find Adam on the verge of exhaustion in a drum circle wearing a tie-dyed shirt and sporting dreadlocks. I hose Adam off at a gas station before hopping on the highway because he is so dirty. I cannot believe we lost him on the second night but it’s good to have him back. He looks so tired and mentioned he was with those guys in the rusted out VW he met at the hotel. I should have told him to stay away, oh well. Adam passes out. Matt and I laugh at him.

His dreadlocks have got to go

Nofx – “August 8th” - from the album Heaving Petting Zoo

Matt and I asked Adam what happened to him but he is inactive, perhaps passed out. Matt and I both notice that Adam has a new tattoo of a turtle on his neck. I really hope this kid wakes up soon because I want to hear all about his adventures and find out what the hell is up with the turtle. I am amazed at the beard Adam grew in just four days too.

Matt might have just mumbled something about a milkshake but this time I ignore him.

Westbound Train – “I Feel Fine” - from the album Transitions

It’s pretty silent in the car right now. Matt and I speak of all the great acts while Adam is still in another land. The summer sun is setting finally giving us a break on the heat. Matt and I rip on Adam as he sleeps but it’s not doing much of anything but sure is comical to us. Matt starts ripping on me for my interesting sun burns on my head thanks to the bandana I wore. I laugh and ask Matt how much of Bonnaroo he could see from the shade tents. We all are laughing right now. I almost wish it was not the end of our adventures.

The Helio Sequence – “Don’t Look Away” - from the album Love and Distance

Passing around Nashville it is becoming a little quiet in the car. I ask Adam if he would like to drive but get no response. Matt has his headphones on and might be listening to some Van Halen and is clearly ignoring me. He might be mad at me ignoring his milkshake demands. I keep driving as I just want to get home and sleep in my bed.

Soul Coughing – “Rolling” - from the album El Oso

Narcolepsy has sunk in on 66% of the passengers in the car again. These guys do not know how lucky they have it. I am bored out of my mind and decide to call all three Those Darlins on my cell phone and chat with them for a bit. Matt still cannot believe I got all of their phone numbers while in Nashville. I told them I knew what I was going to do when I got there…

Faith No More – “I Started A Joke”

It’s been hours since I have seen an exit and I am having a hard time staying awake. The drive is dark and ever so boring. Adam might be in a coma as he is in this deep sleep possibly for being up for 56 straight hours beating on a drum. I can see thick calluses on his fingertips. He sometimes whimpers in his sleep.

I’m starting to see things that do not exist on the road. At one time I swore that the Ghostbuster’s ECTO-1 just drove past me at high speeds. No one is awake nor do I think they would believe me. I stop at a scary rest stop and splash water on my face at an attempt to wake up a little.

Turbonegro - “ All My Friend’s Are Dead” - from the album Party Animals

I’m convinced that Adam is going to not be the same when he opens his eyes. I have been feeding him caps full of bottled water to keep him hydrated. That turtle tattoo is pretty hilarious. I hope he did not pay for it. For some reason Adam smells like grilled cheese. Matt’s headphones are still on and this time he might be listening to some Europe.

Aphex Twin – “Come To Daddy” - from the EP Come To Daddy

I have pretty much lost my mind at this time. A few moments ago I thought I exited at a rest stop but it turned out to be some Kentucky farm. Matt was so tired that he too thought we were at a rest stop, walked into the farm house and went into the fridge and freezer looking for a milkshake. He came screaming out of the house running at full force yelling “GET IN THE CAR!!!”

At this moment I am blazing across the fields trying to get to the highway as the farmer and his family are shooting shotguns at us. Adam is asleep through all of this.

Deftones – “Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)” - from the album Around The Fur

Matt and I still have not spoken to one another in over an hour. I cannot believe that farmer shot out my back window. It’s starting to rain and I just want to get home. Matt has his headphones in but nothing is playing as his iPod has a bullet hole through it.

The Postal Service – “Nothing Better” - from the album Give Up

With the little farm fiasco we are well behind in time but I could care less seeing how we all narrowly escaped that Manson farm with our lives. The sun is starting to rise and my stomach is grumbling. I am miserable, worried about Adam, but enjoying the sunrise. Matt just said “hi, would you believe they had no milkshakes?” I think he is no longer in shock anymore.

Ice Cube – “It Was A Good Day” - from the album World Predator

I just drove through Cincinnati and the sun is peeking over the horizon. Miraculously Adam eyes just opened and he looks at us and says what’s up and pulls out a grilled cheese from his pocket and asks if anyone is hungry. I smack him in the head. So does Matt. We all begin talking about the weekend and what a great time we had. During the conversation Adam has not once mentioned getting a tattoo. I wonder if we should tell him?

De La Soul / Teenage Fanclub – “Fallin’” - from the Judgement Night soundtrack

Adam has been telling us some crazy stories for the last two hours mostly about drum circles and something called “goo balls”. I am pretty sure I am transporting a fugitive at this time and am not sure if I should keep driving or ditch him at a roadside restaurant. Matt suggests we finally stop for breakfast. We decide the Waffle House would be best for us. Matt is now pissed though because they do not serve milkshakes. I have had it with Matt’s lactose addictions and leave his ass in Columbus. He is smiling as I drive away with those stupid headphones in his ears. He texts me and it says thanks for dropping me off in Columbus. I completely forgot he was seeing Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood on Monday. Oh well…

City & Colour – “Coming Home” - from the album Sometimes

We are so close to home I almost want to drive faster just to that bed waiting for me. This has been the craziest trip I have ever taken with these two. Bonnaroo was a huge success and I am thrilled we all went. I could be upset seeing that I drove all the way to and from without any help and my car was shot at, but I am more grateful that Adam is not a vegetable and we both came home in one piece.

While pulling up in the driveway I ask Adam if he named the turtle and Adam looks puzzled. I can’t help but laugh at him.

Matt texts me if we’re still on for Lollapalooza. He the tells me to check my Twitter where there is a post of him with a link to a photo of him sipping on a milkshake.

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    The Postal Service track is nice and random among all the others :) A favorite off “Give Up” nonetheless.

    Welcome back*

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